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Peter Boehringer (2014)

Peter Christian Pascal Boehringer (born April 6, 1969 in Schwäbisch Gmünd ) is a German author and politician ( AfD ). He has been a member of the German Bundestag for the AfD since 2017 and chairman of the budget committee since January 31, 2018 . The choice of Boehringer was controversial because he had previously attracted attention with inflammatory and ideological conspiracy emails .


Boehringer grew up in Göppingen and graduated from Mörike-Gymnasium there in 1988 . After his military service from 1988 to 1989 with the 1st Airborne Division in Bruchsal , he completed a commercial apprenticeship in 1991 with distinction as the best graduate in Baden-Württemberg. From 1991 to 1995 Boehringer studied at the European Business School in Oestrich-Winkel as well as in the USA and England. He received degrees as a computer scientist (FH) and a business graduate .

From 1994 to 1998 he was a management consultant for Booz Allen Hamilton in the IT and telecommunications industry. From 1998 to 2002 he worked in the telecommunications industry and as an investment manager at Technologieholding GmbH and 3i . Since 2002 he has been a freelance author and financial advisor with a focus on property investments .

Boehringer has been a member of the Friedrich A. von Hayek Society since 2012/13 . He was a member of the board of the German Precious Metals Society, founded in 2003, and an activist of the citizens' initiative Holt Unser Gold heim , which was launched in 2011 and whose aim is to relocate German gold reserves from abroad to Germany. In 2015 Boehringer published the book Holt Unser Gold heim on this topic at FinanzBook Verlag . Jan Mallien rated the book and the initiative in Handelsblatt Global as a sign of how emotionally Germans reacted to the topic of gold.

In mid-2015, Boehringer joined the Alternative for Germany (AfD) and became vice-spokesman for the party's federal committee on euro, monetary and currency policy . He is a member of the party's federal program commission. Boehringer wrote peculiarly free for the new right magazine and for the right-wing esoteric Kopp Verlag .

For the 2017 federal election , Boehringer stood as a candidate for the AfD in the federal constituency of Amberg as well as in second place on the Bavarian state list and entered parliament through the latter. On January 31, 2018, with the votes of the AfD and the FDP, he was elected chairman of the budget committee, which belongs to the largest opposition party within the framework of parliamentary tradition. The election had become necessary because several committee members had objected to Boehringer, and in the end four members of the Left Party voted against Boehringer. Normally the nominees are chosen as chairperson without being elected. In order to avoid possible conflicts of interest, Boehringer gave up his chairmanship of the AfD-affiliated Desiderius Erasmus Foundation after being elected committee chairman . Erika Steinbach followed him in this post .

In the Bundestag he is a full member of the budget committee and the subcommittee on issues relating to the European Union. Boehringer is also a deputy member of the Committee on European Union Affairs .

He is married to business journalist Simone Boehringer and has two children.

World view and positions


In the Tagesspiegel , Sebastian Leber described Boehringer as a "friend of conspiracy theories ". In the Süddeutsche Zeitung , Oliver Das Gupta characterized him as a representative of conspiracy theories. He believed in the existence of secret, globally operating elites who were covertly working on a “ New World Order ” (NWO). Therefore, society should be changed in such a way that these elites can better control it. Boehringer announced via Facebook that the NWO is already in control of the federal government in Germany , and that it has infiltrated the Protestant Church , Deutsche Bahn , CSU , the Greens in Baden-Württemberg and various aid organizations and the German fire service union . On the right-wing libertarian website Strangely Free , Boehringer wrote that “today's supranational elites are working towards a fully controlled world state with them as the top caste”. The Americanist Michael Butter cites Boehringer as an example of the importance that conspiracy theories have not only for voters but also for members of the AfD.

The United Nations are also controlled by the NWO, according to Boehringer, but there are also Freemasons active. The migration of refugees from the Middle East to Europe is part of a managed invasion. For example, refugees would be able to travel to Europe. B. received money from Saudi Arabia. The goal is to Islamize Europe .

Boehringer then adds his thesis of “cultural infiltration by economic refugees” and sees this as the “biggest and most pressing German problem”. In his gold page blog , he warned of the alleged dangers of Islam and of " repopulation " by migrants.

In a Facebook post, Boehringer described the euro as a “power-political miscarriage” and positioned his criticism of the euro more sharply than the then party leader Bernd Lucke .

Emails with inflammatory content

A number of e-mails written and sent by Boehringer reached the public in which he expressed himself anti-feminist and anti-Muslim. Boehringer used a vocabulary that is strongly reminiscent of the time of National Socialism .

In January 2018, research by NDR and WDR revealed that Boehringer, when he was already a member of the Bundestag, endorsed an opinion article published on the news platform Yahoo on December 29, 2017 and said it with the words “Even the mainstream (Yahoo News) finds the right words to this completely wrong conduct of the State before the criminal = koran hearing = misogynist macho mob of Sure nsöhne capitulated "commented thus on human Boehringer Muslim alludes faith. On December 15, 2015, on the occasion of a "so-called" CDU party congress, he wrote of a "gossip event about a new sports palace speech by the Führer Merkel". In addition, Boehringer is said to have dubbed Sigmar Gabriel as "Sigmar Dumpfbacke Gabriel".

In an email from January 2016, he is said to have described Chancellor Angela Merkel as a " Merkel hooker". According to Der Spiegel , which reported on the same email that was before him on February 10th, he wrote literally, among other things: "The Merkel hooker lets everyone in, she can do it", "It's just stupid that it is OUR national body that is forcibly penetrated here" "It is a genocide that will be successfully ended in less than ten years if we don't stop the criminals", "Differentiated debates can and will only be after the fall of Merkel and after the temporary closure of the border for these 'enrichers' can give again! The alternative to non-resistance against this whore of foreign powers is the certain civil war, which we will lose by 2018 at the latest! "Referring to the expressions" Merkel hooker "and" Volkskörper ", Götz Aly commented that this language was" not only hurtful, like some write soothingly that it is neo-Nazi ”.

Boehringer said that he had "never published" such a statement, and if he did send such an email, then only to a "very small private circle".

On March 3, 2018 reported Bild am Sonntag , that it had emails from Boehringer from January 2016, in a photomontage of a statue Justitia is shown as a whore, bearing the caption "whore Justizia (Federal Constitutional Court)," which on the Federal Constitutional Court is referred to. In addition, Boehringer called the federal government a "Merkel-Gabriel junta" and described Merkel's accession to government in 2005 as a "seizure of power".

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