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Einsiedeln coat of arms
State : SwitzerlandSwitzerland Switzerland
Canton : Canton of SchwyzCanton of Schwyz Schwyz (SZ)
District : Einsiedelnw
BFS no. : 1301i1 f3 f4
Postal code : 8836 Biberbrugg
8836 Bennau
8840 Einsiedeln
8840 Trachslau
8841 Gross
8844 Euthal
8846 Willerzell
8847 Egg
Coordinates : 698 969  /  220496 coordinates: 47 ° 7 '41 "  N , 8 ° 44' 35"  O ; CH1903:  six hundred ninety-eight thousand nine hundred sixty-nine  /  220496
Height : 882  m above sea level M.
Height range : 783–1614 m above sea level M.
Area : 98.93  km²
Residents: i15,870 (December 31, 2018)
Population density : 160 inhabitants per km²
Proportion of foreigners :
(residents without
citizenship )
14.5% (December 31, 2,015)
Website: www.einsiedeln.ch
Main street with town hall and monastery square (2009)

Main street with town hall and monastery square (2009)

Location of the municipality
Ägerisee Hüttnerseeli Ilimoosweiher Teufenbachweiher Sihlsee Wägitalersee Ufenau Lützelau Zürichsee Kanton Glarus Kanton St. Gallen Kanton Zug Kanton Zürich Bezirk Höfe Bezirk March Bezirk Schwyz EinsiedelnMap of Einsiedeln
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Einsiedeln (in most alemannischen local dialect Äinsidlä [æɪnˌsɪdlæ] , in the near and dialektal also Äisele, Näisele, Äisidle, Näisidle, Äisigle [æɪsələ næɪsələ æɪˌsɪdlə næɪˌsɪdlə æɪˌsɪglə] , Romansh Nossadunaun ? / I ) is a municipality in the Swiss canton of Schwyz . It is identical to the district of the same name . Audio file / audio sample

Einsiedeln is known for the Einsiedeln Monastery , the most important baroque building in Switzerland with the Chapel of Mercy and a figure of the Black Madonna , which is highly regarded among Catholics. The monastery is a stage on the Way of St. James .


The municipality of Einsiedeln is made up of the village of Einsiedeln and the six localities (districts) Bennau , Egg , Willerzell , Euthal , Gross and Trachslau . Einsiedeln shares the village of Biberbrugg with the municipality of Feusisberg .

Einsiedeln itself, the most popular place of pilgrimage in Switzerland, is located south of Lake Zurich on a plateau (approx.  880  m above sea level ).

Climate table

Einsiedeln, 1981-2010
Climate diagram
J F. M. A. M. J J A. S. O N D.
Temperature in ° Cprecipitation in mm
Average monthly temperatures and precipitation for Einsiedeln, 1981–2010
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Max. Temperature ( ° C ) 2.0 2.9 6.4 10.2 15.2 18.2 20.7 20.0 16.0 12.2 6.3 2.7 O 11.1
Min. Temperature (° C) −5.8 −5.6 -2.1 1.5 6.0 9.3 11.5 11.1 7.8 4.3 -0.3 −4.2 O 2.8
Temperature (° C) −2.1 -1.5 1.9 5.7 10.4 13.6 15.8 15.3 11.7 7.8 2.3 -0.9 O 6.7
Precipitation ( mm ) 108 108 142 130 166 196 211 198 156 116 127 131 Σ 1,789
Rainy days ( d ) 12.2 11.5 14.9 13.2 14.6 14.9 14.3 13.5 11.9 10.4 11.9 13.4 Σ 156.7
Humidity ( % ) 85 83 80 77 77 77 76 78 82 84 86 86 O 80.9
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec


Hermit population by religion / denomination - Jan 1, 2013
Roman Catholic
evangelical reformed
Christian Orthodox
other religion / christl. Denomination
no information or no denomination

Einsiedeln is the second largest municipality in the canton of Schwyz. On January 10, 2017, the municipality had 15,033 inhabitants (12,997 Swiss, 2,249 foreigners - proportion of foreigners: 14.96%). 9,540 people lived in the village of Einsiedeln, 1,356 people in the Gross district, 1,196 people in Bennau lived 1,074 people in Trachslau , 941 people in Willerzell , 603 people in Euthal and 527 people in Egg . Between 2010 and 2013 the population grew by 3.4%. In 2013, 21.5% of the population were between 0 and 19 years old, 61.5% were between 20 and 44 years old, and 17.0% were 65 years or older.

Einsiedeln is still strongly Catholic today. Until a few decades ago, almost the entire population was Roman Catholic. Above all, the high level of immigration from other Swiss cantons and abroad has led to a rapid increase in other confessional groups in Einsiedeln.


St. Gangulf's Chapel
Einsiedeln (still without Sihlsee), historical aerial photo from September 28, 1934, taken by Walter Mittelholzer
The Way of St. James over the Etzel Pass to Einsiedeln on a historical illustration
Ried landscape on the north bank of the Sihlsee, in the background Birchli at the foot of the Friherrenberg, on the right monastery Einsiedeln and Mythen
Vogelherd viewpoint with a view of the Sihlsee (2009)
View from the northeast of Einsiedeln (2009)
Einsiedeln Abbey and Einsiedeln village and ski jumps
Johee the Brotauswerfen in Einsiedeln

The high valley was visited by nomadic hunters around 12,000 years ago. Numerous finds from the Stone Age and the Bronze Age have been found in recent years. But at that time there were probably no permanent settlements in this area.

The pilgrimage site of Maria Einsiedeln (in the dark forest) is closely linked to the life of St. Meinrad . In the year 835 he is said to have built a hermitage and a chapel at the place where the Chapel of Mercy now stands in the monastery church in order to serve God in the hermitage (hence the place name Einsiedeln ). According to legend, Meinrad was killed by two tramps in 861. As a result, two ravens are said to have pursued the murderers and brought them to justice. For this reason, two ravens are depicted on the Einsiedeln coat of arms.

The March dispute with the Schwyzers, which led to the Battle of Morgarten (1315), lasted for 250 years . The monastery lost around half of its territory to the Schwyz. Various fires devastated the monastery and village several times. In 1798 the French plundered the monastery and destroyed valuable facilities.

The foundation of the Benedictine abbey dates back to 934. From the early days of the abbey there are a large number of well-preserved and well-documented neumen manuscripts that are of great importance for the restitution of Gregorian chant ( Codex Einsidlensis 121 ). In 1065 twelve monks from Einsiedeln founded a subsidiary monastery in Hirsau .

The baroque monastery was built from 1674 to 1735 in three stages according to the plans of Caspar Moosbrugger . The frescoes and stucco work inside are the work of the Asam brothers . The ceiling fresco is the largest in Switzerland.

The pilgrimage site is on the Way of St. James and in the past was an important gathering place for pilgrims to Santiago de Compostela . The Way of St. James reaches Einsiedeln from the Zurich Oberland over the Etzel Pass , where the St. Meinrad Chapel is also located. St. Gangulf's Chapel, built in 1030 just before Einsiedeln, is also on the pilgrimage route and is the oldest preserved building in the high valley.

Einsiedeln is the hometown of various Yenic families. However, the Einsiedeln authorities refused to cooperate with the Kinder der Landstrasse aid organization , which stole children from Yenish families from 1926 to 1973. A Yenish pilgrimage has taken place every year since 1999.


In the 2019 National Council elections, the voting shares in Einsiedeln were: SVP 33.7%, CVP 25.7%, FDP 19.8%, SP 13.2%, glp 4.6%, GPS 2.6%.


Einsiedeln is not only a well-known place of pilgrimage, but also a winter sports destination. The village's own ski lifts, the Schwedentritt cross-country ski run and the nearby alpine ski resorts of Hoch-Ybrig and Brunni ( Alpthal ) characterize Einsiedeln.

The Einsiedler ski jumps were completed in summer 2005 and on 12./13. Officially inaugurated August 2005 on the occasion of the FIS Summer Grand Prix Einsiedeln 2005 .

The nearby Sihlsee , a reservoir on the Sihl , invites you to swim, surf or sail in summer, and in winter it is often free for ice skaters. It supplies electricity to the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) through the Einsiedeln company “ Etzelwerk AG” and protects the nearby, lower-lying Zurich from flooding from the Sihl, which used to regularly plague the Zurich workers' and industrial districts when the snow melted.

According to the company, the Bethlehem diorama is the largest nativity scene in the world. The museum was opened in 1954 and shows 450 hand-carved and oriental-clad figures on 80 m² of sculpted Bethlehem landscape. Most of the figures come from the South Tyrolean nativity scene carver Ferdinand Pöttmesser.

The pilgrims do not find as many pilgrims as they did in the past centuries in the monastery village. Associated with this is the structural adjustment in the hotel industry that is now slowly becoming apparent. At the same time, Einsiedeln is experiencing an upswing in day tourism thanks to its mostly fog-free location and the beautiful pre-Alpine landscape. Due to the high quality of life, the population is currently growing much faster than the national average.


Einsiedeln joined the “ Shrines of Europe ” collaboration in 2017 as the seventh member . The partnership was founded in 1996 with six other Marian shrines :

GermanyGermany Altötting ( Germany )
PortugalPortugal Fátima ( Portugal )
ItalyItaly Loreto ( Italy )
FranceFrance Lourdes ( France )
AustriaAustria Mariazell ( Austria )
PolandPoland Czestochowa ( Poland ; Polish Częstochowa)


Einsiedeln has the Einsiedeln train station, a terminus of the Swiss Southeast Railway (SOB) in the middle of the village center. The station is part of the Schwyz tariff association . The station is served by the Zurich S-Bahn with lines S13 and S40. Both lines run every half hour. In Biberbrugg you have a connection to the Voralpenexpress , the S31 and buses to the canton capital Schwyz . Postbuses also run from the train station directly to the districts (localities in the district) and the Einsiedeln local bus runs in the village.


Every few years an open-air theater takes place in front of the monastery facade - the "Great World Theater" by Pedro Calderón de la Barca (playing period 1924 to 1992) or the "Einsiedler Welttheater" by Thomas Hürlimann (playing period since 2000). This is organized by the World Theater Society Einsiedeln. After the great success of 2007, the next performance is planned for 2013 under the direction of Beat Fäh in a version by author Tim Krohn . In addition to the monastery library, a new library was built by the architect Mario Botta on the initiative of Werner Oechslin , which deals exclusively with architecture - supported by the Werner Oechslin Library Foundation .

Also known is the Carnival , which is deeply rooted and has its origins in Alemannic customs. At the same time, influences from Tyrol and Venice can also be felt. Traditional highlights include the Sühudiumzug and the carnival procession of the "Güdelmontag" ( Rose Monday ) and the more than one hundred years at the "Güdelzischtig" (Tuesday after Carnival Monday) held Brotauswerfen . In addition to the Einsiedler Tüfel , the Johee , the Mummerie , the Hörelibajass , the Ustrichler (see Tryelte ), the Domino and the Sühudi can also be traced for a long time.

The club and traditional life is very pronounced in Einsiedeln. There are far more than 100 clubs, from rifle clubs to music clubs, trade associations and various sports clubs. The Einsiedeln volleyball club, whose men's team will play in the National League A for the first time in 2013/2014, is particularly well known. Then there are the Einsiedeln wrestling team, a long-time NLB club in multiple battles for promotion to the NLA, and the Einsiedeln handball club, whose men's 1 plays in the first division for the first time in the 2013/2014 season.


Demographic development

The population of Einsiedeln was just over 10,000 in 1970 (10,020). From 1980 to the present day the number of inhabitants increased to over 15,000. This development is likely mainly due to people moving to the greater Zurich region, as apartment rents and land prices have been relatively cheap for a long time. However, due to the strongly positive net migration, these have also increased in recent years.


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