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The municipality number (also called code no. , GEOSTAT no. Or BFS no. ) Is a number that was first assigned by the Swiss Federal Statistical Office (BFS) with the official register of municipalities in 1960, which clearly identifies territorial units in the catchment area serves Switzerland. The counterpart in Germany and Austria is called the community key .

As a rule, these are the political municipalities , but they can also be areas under purely cantonal sovereignty (especially lakes) or so-called municipalities (common sovereign rights of several municipalities) (see below).

For purely statistical purposes, numbers were also assigned to the municipalities of the Principality of Liechtenstein and some places in Germany (Constance south of the Seerhein and the enclave of Büsingen on the Upper Rhine ) and Italy (enclave Campione ). The assignment of such numbers does not justify any sovereignty.


Numbers are assigned according to the list of cantons in Article 1 of the Federal Constitution of the Swiss Confederation , within the cantons by district and, furthermore, alphabetically by municipality name . Communes of cantons without districts were numbered consecutively. The community number consists of one to four digits.

Exceptions to the rule indicate later changes (after 1986).

The municipality number is not only used as a key for all statistical evaluations, but also for many other applications, e.g. B. in road construction by some cantons for the bridge designations.

Number ranges

Canton numbers were assigned according to two systems:

Canton Number (23) Number (26) Parish numbers
Canton ZurichCanton Zurich Zurich 01 01 0001-0261
Canton BernCanton Bern Bern 02 02 0301-0996
Canton lucerneCanton lucerne Lucerne 03 03 1001-1150
Canton of UriCanton of Uri Uri 04th 04th 1201-1220
Canton of SchwyzCanton of Schwyz Schwyz 05 05 1301-1375
Canton of ObwaldenCanton of Obwalden Obwalden 06.1 06th 1401-1407
Canton of NidwaldenCanton of Nidwalden Nidwalden 06.2 07th 1501-1511
Canton of GlarusCanton of Glarus Glarus 07th 08th 1630-1632
Canton of ZugCanton of Zug train 08th 09 1701-1711
Canton of FriborgCanton of Friborg Freiburg 09 10 2001-2336
Canton of SolothurnCanton of Solothurn Solothurn 10 11 2401-2622
Canton of Basel-StadtCanton of Basel-Stadt Basel city 11.1 12 2701-2703
Canton of Basel-CountryCanton of Basel-Country Basel-Country 11.2 13 2761-2895
Canton of SchaffhausenCanton of Schaffhausen Schaffhausen 12 14th 2901-2974
Canton of Appenzell AusserrhodenCanton of Appenzell Ausserrhoden Appenzell Ausserrhoden 13.1 15th 3001-3038
Canton of Appenzell InnerrhodenCanton of Appenzell Innerrhoden Appenzell Innerrhoden 13.2 16 3101-3111
Canton of St. GallenCanton of St. Gallen St. Gallen 14th 17th 3201-3444
canton of Grisonscanton of Grisons Grisons 15th 18th 3501-3987
Kanton AargauKanton Aargau Aargau 16 19th 4001-4323
Canton of ThurgauCanton of Thurgau Thurgau 17th 20th 4401-4951
Canton of TicinoCanton of Ticino Ticino 18th 21st 5001-5322
Canton of VaudCanton of Vaud Vaud 19th 22nd 5401-5939
Canton of ValaisCanton of Valais Valais 20th 23 6001-6300
Canton of NeuchâtelCanton of Neuchâtel Neuchâtel 21st 24 6401-6511
Canton of GenevaCanton of Geneva Geneva 22nd 25th 6601-6645
Canton of JuraCanton of Jura law 23 26th 6701-6806


Canton ZurichCanton Zurich Zurich

Canton BernCanton Bern Bern


Free areas have been left between districts and cantons that allow a certain flexibility for changes.

According to the Federal Statistical Office, the specialist areas listed below are part of the BFS numbering system, although these areas are not municipalities. The numbers of these areas, together with the cantonal lake shares, serve to provide the complete, i.e. H. to collect or present the complete area of ​​Switzerland in statistics, geographic information systems and the like.

  • Areas outside the political communities in Switzerland. It refers to
    • a single land area in the lake district of the canton of Friborg, the Galm state forest (FSO no .: 2391; until December 31, 2003: 2285), and around
    • Sea areas, d. H. public waters that are directly under the sovereignty of one or more cantons. The 22 lakes that are not assigned to any district, canton or municipality have pseudo-municipality numbers between 9040 and 9757:
      • Greifensee (FSO no .: 9040)
      • Lake Zurich (BFS no .: 9050; subdivided into: 9051: area ZH, 9052: area SZ and 9053: area SG)
      • Lake Thun (FSO-No .: 9073)
      • Lake Brienz (FSO No .: 9089)
      • Bielersee / Lac de Bienne (FSO no .: 9148; subdivided into: 9149: area BE and 9150: area NE)
      • Lake Neuchâtel / Lac de Neuchâtel (FSO No .: 9151; subdivided into: 9152: Area BE, 9153: Area FR, 9154: Area VD and 9155: Area NE)
      • Baldeggersee (FSO-No .: 9157)
      • Sempachersee (FSO No .: 9163)
      • Hallwilersee (BFS no .: 9172; divided into: 9173: LU area and 9174: AG area)
      • Lake Zug (BFS no .: 9175; subdivided into: 9176: area LU, 9177: area SZ and 9178: area ZG)
      • Vierwaldstättersee (BFS-No .: 9179; divided into: 9180: area LU, 9181: area UR, 9182: area SZ, 9183: area OW and 9184: area NW)
      • Sihlsee (BFS no .: 9216)
      • Sarnersee (FSO-No .: 9239)
      • Walensee (BFS no .: 9267; subdivided into: 9268: area GL and 9269: area SG)
      • Aegerisee (FSO-No .: 9270)
      • Lake Gruyère / Lac de la Gruyère (FSO No .: 9276)
      • Murtensee (BFS no .: 9294; subdivided into: 9295: area FR and 9296: area VD)
      • Lake Constance (Swiss part: BFS no .: 9326; subdivided into 9327: area SH, 9328: area SG, 9329: area TG)
      • Lake Lugano / Lago di Lugano (FSO No .: 9710, excluding Lake Campione d'Italia , see below)
      • Lake Maggiore (FSO no .: 9711)
      • Lac de Joux (FSO No .: 9751)
      • Lake Geneva / Lac Léman (FSO no .: 9757; subdivided into 9758: area VD, 9759: area VS, 9760: area GE)

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