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Othmar Keel (2009)

Othmar Keel (born December 6, 1937 in Einsiedeln , Switzerland ) is a Catholic theologian , biblical and religious scholar and Egyptologist . The BIBLE + ORIENT collection he founded in the Bible and Orient Museum in Freiburg / Switzerland and his writings on vertical ecumenism are primarily known .



Othmar Keel studied Hebrew, history of religion, theology and exegesis in Zurich, Rome and Friborg / Switzerland from 1958 to 1964 . 1964–1967 studied biblical studies, ancient oriental art history and Egyptology in Jerusalem and Zurich. He traveled extensively throughout the Middle East, and ancient oriental iconography became his passion. In 1967 he received his doctorate in theology in Freiburg / Switzerland. 1971–1972 he completed further studies in Egyptology and ancient oriental art history in Chicago / USA.


Since 1969 Othmar Keel has been married to Hildi geb. Leu. The couple has two children. Othmar Keel is a younger brother of the Diogenes publisher Daniel Keel and thus also brother-in-law of the artist Anna Keel . His godchild is Simonetta Sommaruga .

Professional Activities

From 1965 Keel was a board member and 1970/1971 President of the Swiss Catholic Biblical Works . At the University of Friborg (Switzerland) he was a lecturer in Old Testament exegesis and biblical environment from 1967 to 1969, assistant professor from 1969, associate professor from 1973 and full professor from 1977–2002 (retirement); 1987–89 Dean of Theol. Faculty, 1988–95 President of the Publications Commission, 1991–98 member and temporarily President of the Environmental Science Commission and 1995–98 member of the Senate and Senate Committee.

From 1967 he was invited to guest lectures, visiting professorships and professorships, to symposia and congresses at around 100 universities in Europe, South Africa, the Middle East and the USA. In 1970 he was a founding member of the then newly established Biblical Institute of the University of Friborg / Switzerland, now known as the "Department for Biblical Studies". Since 1973 founder and editor of the series “Orbis Biblicus et Orientalis” (until March 2010 248 volumes) and since 1980 of the series “Orbis Biblicus et Orientalis, Series Archaeologica” (until March 2010 38 volumes). Since 2004 he has been President of the BIBLE + ORIENT Foundation.

Scientific work

Othmar Keel's scientific work is dedicated to researching the connections between the imagery of the Ancient Near East and the Bible as well as the religious history of Palestine / Israel . In his biblical publications he has shown how the pictorial symbolism of ancient oriental cultures can serve as a key to understanding Old Testament texts (e.g. Song of Songs , God's speeches in the book of Job , YHWH visions in the books of Isaiah , Ezekiel and Zechariah ).

Research priorities

Religious history of Canaan and Israel, especially the history of monotheism , the relationships between biblical metaphors, symbols and visions and those of neighboring cultures; related to this, the study of the visual "means of mass communication" (scarabs, stamp seals, amulets, cylinder seals, etc.) as well as the mutual dependence of the monotheistic religions. He founded a collection of ancient oriental art at the University of Friborg / Switzerland with the aim of establishing a Bible + Orient Museum in Friborg / Switzerland.


  • I decided on theology, but never allowed myself to be ordained : on the one hand, because I hated the clergy's appropriation, and on the other, because celibate priests were only allowed to be of limited interest in the feminine, which fascinated me early on.
  • I have always had certain reservations about dialectical theology with its insistence on the word of God, on election and the exclusivity of the Christian faith.
  • Basically, the question is always: What is decisive, what ancient Israel had in common with other peoples, or what distinguishes it from them? After the experiences of the Second World War, which was a time of exclusion and persecution, what unites seemed to me to be more important than what divides. And I also think that if we take the concept of God the Creator, who is a father of all human beings, really seriously, then we must actually reject any marginalization of people of different faiths as impious.
  • There are good reasons for criticizing numerous details of the " Bible in Just Language " - which has happened in abundance. It must be credited to her that she has tackled the solution of an urgent problem.


  • 1996 Doctor honoris causa der Theol. Faculty of the University of Lund / Sweden
  • 1998 Irene Levi-Sala Book Prize in the Archeology of Israel
  • 1999 Publication Award from the Biblical Archeology Society (USA)
  • 2000 Doctor honoris causa of the Faculté autonome de théologie protestant at the University of Geneva
  • 2005 Marcel Benoist Prize (the most valuable Swiss science prize)
  • 2007 Doctor honoris causa of the Catholic Theol. Faculty of the University of Bochum

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Many writings and books have also been translated into other languages.

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