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Honorary member is a member of an association or federation , association or institution who is appointed on the basis of his or her merits .


Honorary members are usually appointed by the board of directors or by the general assembly of all voting members. The term merits includes a certain spread, as these merits can refer to the awarding institution - or to a common ideal goal . In Germany and Austria , honorary membership is firmly anchored in the statutes of many associations.


Often even be honorary members of different categories created, for example, many "regular" honorary members , but only a honorary president or honorary president . In political parties there is traditionally the role of the honorary chairman . Honorary chairmen were or are in German parties: Willy Brandt , Walter Scheel , Hans-Dietrich Genscher , Otto Graf Lambsdorff , Edmund Stoiber , Hans Modrow and Helmut Kohl , the latter only temporarily.

Rights and obligations

Honorary members are generally free from duties . You do not have to pay membership fees and do not take part in the association's work. In some associations, however, they have all the rights of full members, in others they have no rights and thus neither active nor passive voting rights .

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