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Gaius Julius Caesar
Names for July
earlier: Hay, wages, hay moon, hay month, bear month, honey month, honey moon
Lat.  Nom .: Quintilis, later Iulius / Julius
Lat.  Gene. : Quintilis, later Iulii / Julii
Iulij / Julij
Iuly / July

The July is the seventh month of the year in the Gregorian calendar .

It has 31 days and is named after the Roman statesman Julius Caesar , to whom the calendar change of the year 46 BC. BC (see Roman calendar , Julian calendar ). Under Emperor Commodus , the name of the month was changed to Aurelius , one of his names. After the emperor's death, the month got its old name back.

The old German name is Heuet or Heuert or also called Heumonat , since the first hay mowing is brought in in July . Other old names for July are bear or honey month , with the latter, especially in the shape of the honey moon , also denoting the month after the wedding , the honeymoon .

In the Roman calendar, the year of which began with March , Julius was originally the fifth month and before it was renamed in 44 BC ( Lex Antonia de mense Quintili "about the month of Quintilis", introduced by the consul Marcus Antonius ) the name Quintilis to lat . quintus "the fifth". In 153 BC However, the beginning of the year was brought forward by two months, so that the relationship between names and counts no longer existed. This is sometimes overlooked when transferring previously used Latin dates (" 7ber ").

To avoid confusion with the similar-sounding name of the month in June , is the July - particularly in the telephone conversation or the diktat - often called "Julei" ([ Julai ] or [ Julai spoken]). Conversely, June is often articulated as “Juno” ([ ˈjuːno ] or [ juˈnoː ]) for the same reason .

July begins on the same weekday as April and in leap years also as January (January).

Holidays and summer vacations

July and August form the main holiday season due to the long summer holidays and the high season in many holiday areas . However, July is free of public holidays in all German-speaking countries. Worldwide, there are several national holidays , such as the US Independence Day on July 4, and the French national to storming of the Bastille on 14 more Holidays and Observances see Category List (Holidays) and list of commemoration and action days # July .


July is north of the tropic , in Europe , North America and most of Asia , the warmest month of the year. The July weather has a major impact on the quantity and quality of the harvest. This is reflected in numerous farmer rules , see weather and farmer rules for July .

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