July 28th

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The July 28 is the 209th day of the Gregorian calendar (the 210th in leap years ), thus remain 156 days by year end.

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Politics and world events

1696: Battle of Azov
1794: The execution of Robespierre
1821: José de San Martín
1835: Fieschi's assassination attempt
1914: Alliance situation before the First World War
1943: Hamburg after the bombing raid


science and technology

2000: The atomic egg (FRM I) on the left



1938: "Lampeão" killed (wanted poster 1930)
  • 1938: The Brazilian police shoot the famous gang leader Virgulino Ferreira da Silva , known as "Lampeão", his wife Maria Bonita and nine other followers in a firefight with Cangaceiros in the northeastern state of Sergipe . The last member of these gangs of outlaws killed in 1940, bringing the time of the later heroised Cangaços ends.



  • 1566: Numerous ships of the Danish - Lübeck fleet off Gotland sink due to a storm . According to unofficial information, around 6,000 sailors and soldiers are killed.
  • 1883: Around 2,300 people are killed in an earthquake on Ischia ; the villages of Casamicciola Terme and Lacco Ameno are almost completely destroyed.
  • 1912: After the collapse of the Binz pier on Rügen, 17 people drown in the Baltic Sea, and dozens more are injured. In the following year, the incident leads to the establishment of the Deutsche Lebens-Rettungs-Gesellschaft e. V.
  • 1945: In the collision of a B-25 -Bombers with the Empire State Building in New York are 14 people killed, including eleven civilians.
  • 1947: The cargo ship Ocean Liberty loaded with ammonium nitrate explodes in the port of Brest . 21 people die and over 100 others are injured. The property damage incurred amounts to two million pounds sterling.
  • 1948: 207 people are killed in a tank car explosion on the premises of the BASF nitro paint factory in Ludwigshafen am Rhein .
1976: Location of Tangshan

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1800: The Grossglockner

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