Guigues VIII. (Viennois)

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Guigues VIII (* 1309 ; † July 28, 1333 ) was Dauphin of Viennois from 1318 to 1333. He was the son of the Dauphin Jean II ( house La Tour-du-Pin ) and Beatrix of Hungary ( house Anjou ).

He was nine years old when his father died in 1318. His paternal uncle, Henri de la Tour-du-Pin , Bishop of Metz, took over his reign until 1323 . In 1325, at the age of 16, he won a clear victory over Savoy at Varey near Pont-d'Ain ; however, his argument with these neighbors continued until his death.

The French influence increased under his reign also through his marriage to Isabella, the daughter of the French king Philip V , who gave him command of the 7th Corps at the Battle of Cassel (1328) . The king gave him the Maison aux Piliers on the Place de Grève in Paris for his performance in this battle .

He died during a Savoyard siege of his castle La Perrière in 1333. He was followed as Dauphin by his brother Humbert II , who transferred the county to the later King Charles V 16 years later .

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