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Henri de la Tour-du-Pin (* 1296 ; † late 1328 ) - also known as Heinrich Delphin Graf von Vienna in German - was Bishop of Passau from 1317 and Bishop of Metz from 1319-1325 . He was the fourth son of Humbert I , Seigneur de la Tour-du-Pin and Dauphin du Viennois , and Anne de Bourgogne, Dauphine de Viennois, Countess of Albon and Grenoble .

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Henri was dedicated to the clergy, but never ordained a priest. As a 12-year-old (1308) he was canon in Rouen , Vienne , Clermont , Romans , Saint-Just-de- Lyon and Cambrai , four years later (1312) archdeacon in Worcester . His international career continued when he was in 1317 by Pope John XXII. was appointed Bishop of Passau and on May 4, 1319 Bishop of Metz . During the same period he took over the reign of the Dauphiné for his underage nephew Guigues VIII after his brother Jean II died on March 4, 1319. This task occupied him until 1323.

In 1323 he pledged the Condé Castle to Edward I , Count von Bar , for a sum of 6000 livres , in order to be able to settle debts that his predecessor Reginald von Bar had made. In 1324 he had to return Châtillon Castle to Heinrich I von Blamont , who had entrusted it to his predecessor. Since he could no longer meet his needs after these transactions and his demands for greater financial resources led to resentment, he resigned on August 25, 1325. He was placed in the layman's position and withdrew to the Dauphiné. He died in late 1328.

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