Vladislav of Silesia

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Wladislaw von Schlesien , (also: Ladislaus von Schlesien ; Wlodizlaus von Salzburg ; * 1237 ; † April 27, 1270, presumably in Salzburg ) was Chancellor of the Bohemian King Ottokar II. Přemysl , elected bishop of Bamberg and Passau , archbishop of Salzburg and administrator of Wroclaw .


Wladislaw was the youngest son of Duke Henry the Pious from the Silesian line of the Piasts and his wife Anna of Bohemia , daughter of the Bohemian King Ottokar I Přemysl . His siblings were:

  • Boleslaw († 1278), Duke of Liegnitz
  • Mieszko († 1242), Duke of Lebus
  • Henry III. († 1266), Duke of Breslau
  • Konrad II , elected bishop of Passau (resigned 1249), Duke of Silesia, from 1251 Duke of Glogau
  • Elisabeth, married to the Greater Poland Duke Przemysław I.


After Henry II's death, his territory was only transferred to the older sons Heinrich and Boleslaw to avoid further fragmentation. They were obliged to equip one of their younger brothers Konrad and Wladislaw, who were intended for the clergy, from their sub-areas. Heinrich chose the youngest brother Wladislaw. Their common Central Silesian area remained undivided.

In 1255 Wladislaw became provost of the collegiate chapter on Vyšehrad and a short time later chancellor of the Bohemian king Ottokar II. Due to the ecclesiastical and political position of Vladislav and his close relationship with Ottokar II, the existing relations between Silesia and Bohemia were deepened. Although Wladislaw was mostly out of the country, he notarized several times from 1257 together with his brother Heinrich. Both awarded in 1261 its capital Breslau the Magdeburg Law .

Wladislaw held the office of papal chaplain and was canon of Bamberg since 1256 . In September 1257, a part of the cathedral chapter there elected him to succeed the late Bishop Heinrich I of Bilversheim . He could not take up this office because he was only 20 years old and the Pope therefore refused him the necessary dispensation . In 1262 he became a scholar of the Wroclaw Cathedral Chapter. Its canon Magister Peter was Wladislaw's court master and accompanied him to Padua in 1265 , where Wladislaw began studying. At the instigation of the Bohemian King Ottokar II, the Passau cathedral chapter elected on April 22nd. J. Wladislaw as bishop, and already on October 6th. J. was elected Archbishop of Salzburg. Pope Clement IV issued on November 20 of this year. J. his approval for the appointment as Archbishop of Salzburg and at the same time the dispensation because of the not yet reached canonical age and the lack of higher ordinations of the candidate. The Pope appointed Bishop of Passau on November 24th. J. Wladislaws Hofmeister Peter.

Wladislaw first came to Salzburg in the spring of 1266. Since he was co-regent of his older brother Heinrich III. he had to return to Silesia again. After Heinrich's death on December 3, 1266, Wladislaw took over the guardianship of his nephew Heinrich IV , which delayed Wladislaw's return to Salzburg. He did not renounce his archbishopric.

On June 11, 1267, he was ordained a priest in Salzburg by his former court master and now Bishop of Passau, Peter. The episcopal ordination took place the next day with the assistance of Bishops Konrad II of Freising , Leo Thundorfer of Regensburg and Heinrich von Lützelburg von Chiemsee . During his brief tenure in Salzburg, he succeeded in stabilizing the confused situation of the diocese and restoring the rights that had been curtailed under his predecessor. His future successor, Provost Friedrich von Walchen, supported him in his plans . Wladislaw visited parts of his diocese and their dioceses. With a "ship owner's privilege" he regulated the rights of the Laufen boatmen, with a coin agreement the minting of coins. In Carinthia he acquired extensive estates for his diocese. Repeatedly he acted as an arbitrator in disputes.

Wladislaw exerted great influence on the canonization of his grandmother Hedwig von Andechs, who died in 1243 . It was canonized on March 26, 1267 by Pope Clement IV.

After the death of Wroclaw Bishop Thomas I in 1268, Wladislaw was elected as his successor by the cathedral chapter. Since he had not renounced his Salzburg archbishopric, the Pope refused to give his consent, so that he was only appointed administrator of Wroclaw . He kept the title of Archbishop of Salzburg.

He probably died in Salzburg and was buried in front of the St. Mary's altar in the cathedral . In his will, he designated his nephew Heinrich IV to be his sole heir. In 1277, he had to forego a third of his inheritance in favor of his uncle Boleslaw II.


predecessor Office successor
Heinrich I of Bilversheim Bishop of Bamberg
Berthold von Leiningen
Otto von Lonsdorf Bishop of Passau
Ulrich von Seckau Archbishop of Salzburg
Friedrich II of Walchen
Thomas I. Administrator of Wroclaw
Thomas II