Mieszko (Lebus)

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Mieszko von Lebus (also: Mieszko von Schlesien ; Polish: Mieszko lubuski ; * between 1223 and 1227; † 1242 ) was the only known ruler of the country of Lebus , from 1241 to 1242.


The land of Lebus 1241/42 (light blue)

Mieszko was the second eldest son of Duke Heinrich II the Pious of Silesia , who was also the Senior Duke of Poland, and of Anna , a daughter of the Bohemian King Ottokar I Přemysl .

Shortly after the father's death in 1241, the son, who had just come of age (about 14 years old), was referred to in a chronicle as Mieszko von Lebus ( Miseco lubucensis ). This probably means that the Silesian territory was divided among the sons and Mieszko got the land of Lebus .

Mieszko died childless soon afterwards and was possibly buried in St. Peter's Church below Lebus Castle (?) And not in the family's traditional burial place in Leubus Monastery .

His brother Bolesław II took over the land of Lebus and handed it over to the Archdiocese of Magdeburg six years later.


Mieszko's siblings included:


In 2014 the city of Lebus started planning a memorial for Mieszko.


Individual evidence

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