Boleslaw II (Silesia)

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"Boleslaw II the Bald", illustration from 1879

Boleslaw II. Or Boleslaus the Bald (also Boleslaw II. , Polish Boleslaw II Rogatka , Czech Boleslav II. Lysý Rohatka (Calvus) ; * around 1217, † 1278 ) was Duke of Silesia from 1242 to 1248 and from 1248 until his death 1278 first Duke of Liegnitz .

Origin and family

Boleslaw came from the Silesian Piast family . His parents were the Senior Duke of Poland and Duke of Silesia Heinrich II and Anna of Bohemia , daughter of the Bohemian King Ottokar I. Přemysl . His siblings included:

In 1242 Boleslaw married Hedwig († 1259), daughter of Count Heinrich von Anhalt . The children came from this marriage

  • Heinrich V († 1296), Duke of Liegnitz
  • Bolko I († 1301), Duke of Jauer and Schweidnitz
  • Bernhard I (1253 / 57–1286), Duke of Jauer and Löwenberg
  • Agnes (1253 / 57–1265), married to Ulrich I von Württemberg (1226–1265) since 1259/60
  • Hedwig (* before 1259, † after 1280), since 1265/70 married to Conrad II, Duke of Mazovia († 1294)
  • Elisabeth, married to Ludwig von Hakeborn since 1268

After Hedwig's death, Boleslaw married Alenta / Adelheid ( Euphemia ) (approx. 1254–1296 / 1309), daughter of Duke Sambor von Pommerellen , and Mathilde von Mecklenburg around 1261 . The daughter came from this marriage

  • Katharina († after 1270), who died in childhood; her body was buried in the monastery church of Trebnitz .

The marriage with Alenta / Adelheid is said to have been unhappy after the Duke began a love affair with Sophia von Dyhrn . Duchess Adelheid, who did not agree to this relationship, left her husband and returned to Pomerania, completely ill. Her marriage to Boleslaw was annulled in 1275.

Around 1277, Duke Boleslaw married his mistress Sophia von Dyhrn (1255 / 57-1323), daughter of Konrad von Dyhrn and Elisabeth von Haugwitz, in a morganatic marriage . This marriage resulted in only one son, Yaroslav, who died young.


After the death of his father Heinrich in 1241, Boleslaw took over the reign of the Duchy of Silesia for his underage brothers. At the partition of 1248 Boleslaw received the Duchy of Liegnitz , his brother Heinrich the Duchy of Breslau . After disputes with his brother Konrad, who resigned to the Passau bishopric in 1249, Konrad received the Duchy of Glogau . Boleslaw led further disputes with the Wroclaw Bishop Thomas about the church's immunity rights . He was taken prisoner and was interdict . In 1252 he made Liegnitz his residence town, which he endowed with German law. In 1274 he got into an argument with his nephew Henry IV of Breslau, threw him into prison and was forced to release him by the Bohemian King Ottokar II.


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