Thomas I. (Wroclaw)

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Thomas (also: Thomas I.) († May 30, 1268 ) was Bishop of Breslau .

Origin and career

Thomas probably came from the Polish family of the Rawitsch , which is said to go back to the powerful Bohemian family of the Wrchowez . He studied in Italy, where he obtained his master's degree. In 1220 he became canon in Breslau. He carried the title Doctor decretorum .

Bishop of Wroclaw

Coat of arms of the Wroclaw Bishop Thomas I.

After the death of Wroclaw Bishop Lorenz , Thomas was elected as his successor by the cathedral chapter in 1232.

During his term of office there was a conflict with Duke Heinrich I and, after his death in 1238, with his son Heinrich II because of the church's immunity rights . He also had several disputes with the German settlers, who brought their own ecclesiastical customs with them from their western homeland, but these were settled at the Provincial Synod in Breslau in 1248 . Further synods were held in 1253, 1264 and 1267.

In 1232 Thomas founded a collegiate chapter in Opole and in 1262 the fourth archdeaconate of the diocese in Liegnitz . Several monasteries also go back to his time:

Since the Romanesque Wroclaw Cathedral was destroyed during the Mongol storm in 1241, Thomas began building the new Gothic cathedral in 1242 , but could no longer see its completion.


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Lorenz Bishop of Breslau
Thomas II