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Synod (from ancient Greek σύνοδος synodos , assembly, meeting ') stands for:

  • Council , assembly of bishops as understood by most of the pre-Reformation churches
  • Synod (body) , a body made up of elected lay people and clergy in some post-Reformation churches
  • Synod (Protestant churches) , a body of church self-government made up of elected lay people and clergy in Protestant churches
  • Synodic period , the time between the points in time of consecutive identical positions of a celestial body with respect to the earth and the sun
  • Holy Synod , governing body in some Eastern Churches
  • Synod of Bishops , body of the Roman Catholic Church as an advisory body to the Pope
  • Particular council , a regional assembly of bishops, e.g. B. a country
  • Diocesan Synod , an advisory body of the diocesan bishop consisting of lay people and clergy