Handbook of Historic Places

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The Handbook of Historic Places is a comprehensive reference work on regional history , published in many volumes as part of Kröner's pocket edition by Alfred Kröner Verlag in Stuttgart , which makes the historical sites of German and the countries bordering on Germany accessible. The content includes descriptions of cities , towns , monasteries , mansions and other historically important sites.

Handbook of the historical sites of Germany

Initially, the Alfred Kröner Verlag had given the series the title “Handbook of Historic Places in Germany”. Under this title, twelve volumes were published from 1958, seven of which covered the area of ​​the then Federal Republic of Germany ( Bavaria in two half-volumes) and five the area of ​​the then GDR and Berlin (the latter - at that time - essentially structured like the later five new states ) .

Handbook of Historic Places

In order to expand the series and also to be able to present the eastern territories of the German Reich lost after 1945 , German settlement areas in Eastern Central Europe ( Bohemia and Moravia , Transylvania , Northern Schleswig ) as well as Austria, South Tyrol, Switzerland and Liechtenstein, appeared from 1966, beginning with the volume East and West Prussia , further volumes under the series title “Handbook of historical sites”. The tape count was given up for it.

Processing status

Most of the volumes in both series have been revised several times over the decades. The aspects that had been dealt with marginally in the volumes of the first generation, for example industrialization , the time of National Socialism and structural change, were incorporated . In 2006 a new volume for North Rhine-Westphalia , which had been prepared since 2000 , was published by the Rhineland Regional Association , the Westphalia-Lippe Regional Association and the Institute for Comparative Urban History at the Westphalian Wilhelms University in Münster. The fourth edition of the Handbook for Bavaria was also published in two volumes in 2006 .

Volumes published

Handbook of the historical sites of Germany . Kröner, Stuttgart 1958ff.

Handbook of Historic Places . Kröner, Stuttgart 1966ff.

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