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Basic data
State : North Rhine-Westphalia
Administrative headquarters : Cologne
Area : 12,657 km² (as of Dec. 15, 2018)
Residents : 9,658,935 (as of June 30, 2018)
Population density : 745 inhabitants per km²
Structure: 12 districts ,
13 independent cities , city ​​region Aachen
Director: Ulrike Lubek ( SPD )
Administration address: Kennedy-Ufer 2
50679 Cologne
Website :
Location of the regional association in North Rhine-Westphalia
Niederlande Belgien Niedersachsen Rheinland-Pfalz Hessen Essen Wuppertal Solingen Remscheid Hagen Ennepe-Ruhr-Kreis Bochum Dortmund Herne Gelsenkirchen Bottrop Oberhausen Mülheim an der Ruhr Duisburg Kreis Mettmann Düsseldorf Rhein-Kreis Neuss Kreis Heinsberg Mönchengladbach Krefeld Kreis Viersen Kreis Wesel Kreis Kleve Rhein-Erft-Kreis Kreis Düren Rheinisch-Bergischer Kreis Oberbergischer Kreis Kreis Recklinghausen Kreis Borken Kreis Unna Märkischer Kreis Kreis Olpe Hamm Kreis Soest Kreis Coesfeld Kreis Steinfurt Kreis Warendorf Leverkusen Köln Städteregion Aachen Bonn Rhein-Sieg-Kreis Städteregion Aachen Kreis Euskirchen Münster Kreis Siegen-Wittgenstein Hochsauerlandkreis Kreis Paderborn Kreis Gütersloh Kreis Höxter Kreis Lippe Kreis Herford Kreis Minden-Lübbecke BielefeldLocation of the LVR in North Rhine-Westphalia
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LVR logo (since 2009)
LVR logo (before 2009)
LVR building in Cologne-Deutz
former training center of the LVR in Königswinter

The Landschaftsverband Rheinland ( LVR ) is one of the two landscape associations in North Rhine-Westphalia formed in 1953 and a corporation under public law without territorial sovereignty in North Rhine-Westphalia with its seat in Cologne . As a higher local authority association, the LVR performs regional tasks within the framework of local self-government . The area of ​​responsibility covers the northern part of the former Prussian Rhine province . In 1953, the LVR took over the facilities and tasks of the Provincial Association of the Rhine Province .


The Landschaftsverband Rheinland works as a municipal association with around 19,000 employees for the approximately 9.6 million people in the Rhineland.

The LVR fulfills tasks throughout the Rhineland in the field of disabled and youth welfare, in psychiatry and culture. It is the largest service provider for people with disabilities in Germany, operates 41 schools, ten clinics and three networks of curative educational aid as well as 19 museums and cultural institutions. He is committed to an inclusive society in all areas of life.

The LVR specifies “Quality for People” as its own leitmotif. Member bodies are the 13 independent cities and 12 districts in the Rhineland and the Aachen city region. They support and finance the LVR, the work of which is shaped by the Rhineland Regional Assembly with 124 members from the Rhenish municipalities.

Ulrike Lubek, a lawyer, has been at the head of the administration since November 1, 2010. Establishing the general principles of administration and the budget are the tasks of a parliamentary body, the Rhineland Regional Assembly .

As a local authority, the LVR is a member of the German Association of Cities , the Association of German Districts and the Association of German Cities and Municipalities .

The seat of the LVR was from 1954 to 1959 in the Düsseldorf State House in Düsseldorf - Carlstadt , since 1959/1960 it has been in the Cologne State House in Cologne- Deutz .

Area of ​​responsibility

The area of ​​responsibility corresponds to the North Rhine part of the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia.


In the north and west, North Rhine borders with the Netherlands , in the south-west with Belgium , in the south with Rhineland-Palatinate , in the east with Westphalia . The defining river of this part of the country is the Rhine , which flows through the area from south to north. The highest mountain is the White Stone ( 691  m ), Euskirchen district , Zitterwald / North Eifel .


The lower part of the coat of arms shows a river (the Rhine) on a green background in white / silver, which flows in a southeast-northwest direction, i.e. from bottom right to top left in the picture. In the upper part is the Prussian eagle looking to the right on a white background in black, gold and white with spread wings and spread claws. The colors black and white and the eagle itself symbolize the Prussian state, to which the Rhine provinces belonged.



The originally resident predominantly Catholic population, known as the Rhinelander , is of Franconian descent.

The border between the closely related Lower Franconian and Middle Franconian (here specifically: Ripuarian ) dialects goes through the North Rhine .

Member corporations

The following 12 districts, 1 municipal association of a special kind and 13 independent cities are member bodies of the Rhineland Regional Council (as of May 9, 2011):

Country Directors

The official name is director of the landscape association , but country director is common as an abbreviation.

Facilities (selection)


The LVR awards the following honors:

  • Rheinlandtaler , since 1976 to deserving citizens of the region and the neighboring countries
  • Ring of honor of the Rhineland , since 2001 to personalities who have made a special contribution to the idea of ​​local self-government
  • LVR honorary award for social commitment , since 2006 to personalities who have worked in a special way for the needs of people who need support
  • Paul Clemen Prize , since 1936 to young art historians who work on works and questions of art in the Rhineland
  • Albert Steeger Prize , since 1956 for particularly qualified scientific work on topics of Rhenish cultural studies in the humanities as well as the natural sciences

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