Albert Steeger Prize

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Albert Steeger Prize
Introductory year: 1956
Funding amount: € 10,000
Founder: Regional Association of Rhineland
Scholarship holders: 98
Region: Rhineland
Target group: see section Funded Areas

The Albert-Steeger-Price is a from the Rhineland Regional Council since 1956, allocated grant currently amounting to 10,000 euros, the year for highly qualified scientific papers on topics of the Rhineland Regional Studies in the Humanities as well as the natural sciences on the Burg Linn is awarded.

The scholarship was set up on the occasion of Albert Steeger's 70th birthday as a thank you for his work as a researcher, scientist, home curator, museum director and his services to regional studies on the Rhineland.

Funded areas

In particular, work in the areas of

  • Regional and national history
  • Home care
  • Folklore
  • Museology
  • Archiving
  • Nature and landscape protection
  • Land care
  • Cultivated landscape maintenance
  • archeology
  • botany
  • zoology
  • earth sciences

Scholarship holders


About the Steeger scholarship

  • Hans Voetz (Red.): Albert-Steeger grant from the Rhineland Regional Council. Lower Rhine Yearbook XIII. Linker Niederrhein Association , Krefeld 1976.
  • Wolfgang Schmidt (Red.): Albert Steeger grant from the Rhineland Regional Council. Niederrheinisches Jahrbuch 16. Verein Linker Niederrhein, Krefeld 1992.

Excellent work

  • Clive Bridger: The Roman burial ground "An Hinkes Weißhof": Tönisvorst-Vorst, Viersen district. (= Rhenish excavations. 40). Dissertation. University of Bonn. Cologne 1996. First part of the dissertation published in: Bonner Jahrbücher. 194, 1994, ISBN 3-7927-1577-5 .
  • Bastian Fleermann: Marginalization and Emancipation: Jewish Everyday Culture in the Duchy of Berg 1779–1847 . (= Bergische Research. XXX). Schmidt, Neustadt an der Aisch 2007, ISBN 978-3-87707-702-3 .
  • R. Fuchs: Dynamics of the alder forests, bog birch-bog forests and Gagel bushes in the transition Lower Rhine - Ruhr area. A vegetation-ecological analysis with special consideration of the mosses. (= Treatises from the Westphalian Museum of Natural History. Volume 76). 2013, ISBN 978-3-940726-23-0 .
  • Gunther Hirschfelder: The Cologne trade relations in the late Middle Ages. (= Publications of the Cologne City Museum. 10). Dissertation. University of Trier. Cologne 1994, ISBN 3-927396-58-3 .
  • Birgit E. Klein: Benefit and high treason. Elector Ernst of Cologne, Juda bar Chajjim and the Jews in the Old Kingdom. (= Netiva. 5). Dissertation. University of Duisburg. Hildesheim 2003, ISBN 3-487-11951-X .
  • Stephan Laux: Attempts at the Reformation in Kurköln (1542–1548). Case studies on a structural history of the rural Reformation (Neuss, Kempen, Andernach Linz). (= Reformation history studies and texts. 143). Dissertation. University of Düsseldorf. Münster 2001, ISBN 3-402-03807-2 .
  • Ulrike Müssemeier: The Merovingian finds from the city of Bonn and its surroundings. Dissertation. University of Bonn. Bonn 2004 ( ( Memento from June 7, 2007 in the Internet Archive ))
  • Ingo Runde: Xanten in the early and high Middle Ages. Tradition of sagas - history of the monastery - becoming a town. (= Rheinisches Archiv. 147). Dissertation. University of Duisburg. Cologne / Weimar / Vienna 2003, ISBN 3-412-15402-4 .
  • Andreas Rutz: Education - Denomination - Gender. Religious women's communities and Catholic education for girls in the Rhineland (16th - 18th centuries). (= Publications of the Institute for European History Mainz. 210). Dissertation. University of Bonn. Mainz 2006, ISBN 3-8053-3589-X .
  • Jörg Peter Schalich: The late Pleistocene and Holocene valley and soil development on the middle Rur. Dissertation. Geological State Office, Krefeld 1968.
  • Martin Schlemmer: "Los von Berlin". The efforts towards the state of the Rhine after the First World War. (= Rheinisches Archiv. 152). Dissertation. University of Bonn. Cologne / Weimar / Vienna 2007, ISBN 978-3-412-11106-9 .
  • Ralf W. Schmitz, Jürgen Thissen: Neandertal. The story goes on. Heidelberg 2000, ISBN 3-8274-0165-8 .
  • Ulf Schmitz: Studies on the occurrence and ecology of neophytic Amaranthaceae and Chenopodiaceae in the bank vegetation of the Lower Rhine. Dissertation. University of Düsseldorf. Düsseldorf 2002. (
  • Andrea Stieldorf: Rheinische Frauensiegel. Studies on the legal and social position of secular women in the 13th and 14th centuries. (= Rheinisches Archiv. 142). Dissertation. University of Bonn. Cologne / Weimar / Vienna 1999, ISBN 3-412-02999-8 .
  • Tobias Vogelfänger: North Rhine-Westphalian field names and digital language geography. Linguistic diversity in spatial distribution (= Rheinisches Archiv. 155). Dissertation. University of Bonn. Cologne / Weimar / Vienna 2010, ISBN 978-3-412-20542-3 .
  • Tanja Zerl: Archaeobotanical studies on agriculture and nutrition during the Bronze and Iron Ages in the Lower Rhine Bay.
  • Torsten Rünger: Society and trade in rural areas of the 12th century. The settlement on the edge of Pier, Inden municipality, Rhineland.

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Individual evidence

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