Peter of Passau

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Petrus von Passau († between February 19 and 23, 1280 in Tulln on the Danube ) was Prince-Bishop of Passau from 1265 to 1280 .


From 1257 to 1264 Peter exercised the office of canon in Breslau and at the same time acted as court master of Duke Wladislaw of Silesia . In 1265 he accompanied him to study in Padua , where both obtained their master's degree. In the same year Wladislaw was elected Bishop of Passau and six months later Archbishop of Salzburg . Finally, on November 24th, Pope Clement IV , who had reserved the occupation of both bishoprics, installed Peter as Bishop of Passau.

In 1267 Peter mediated the conflict between King Ottokar of Bohemia , who occupied the city of Passau in 1266, and Heinrich , the Duke of Lower Bavaria . In May 1267 he took part in the Synod of Vienna . On June 11, 1267, he ordained his former fellow student Wladislaw and the day after he was ordained bishop.

In 1274 he convened a diocesan synod in Passau and took part in a provincial synod in Salzburg in October , which confirmed and expanded the resolutions of Vienna. In the same year he changed from Ottokar to the side of King Rudolf von Habsburg , which resulted in extensive confirmations of privileges by him, including the receipt of the Innzoll at Obernberg . Peter had the first bridge over the Danube built in Passau.


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