10th of July

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The July 10 is the 191st day of the Gregorian calendar (the 192nd in leap years ), thus still 174 days remain until the end of the year.

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Politics and world events

1709: Epiphany meeting
1790: Second battle at Svensksund
1943: Allied landings in Sicily
1986: Government building in St. Pölten
2000: Bashar al-Assad


1962: Telstar

science and technology




1895: Pope Leo XIII.


  • 1916 : An F4 tornado wreaked havoc in the Austrian city of Wiener Neustadt , killing more than 30 people, injuring around 300 and destroying, among other things, the Wiener Neustadt locomotive factory .
  • 1968 : One for Germany unusually violent tornado of strength F4 directed in the city of Pforzheim and the surrounding region of significant damage to vehicles and buildings. Two people die and over 200 people are injured.
  • 1976 : In an accident at the chemical plant Icmesa in Seveso , northern Italy , the environmental disaster in Seveso , large amounts of the highly toxic dioxin TCDD are released.
  • 2000 : A pipeline explodes in southern Nigeria . About 250 residents who collect leaking gasoline are killed.
  • 2011 : The Russian river cruise ship Bulgaria sinks within a few minutes during an excursion on the Volga. More than 100 people are killed, including numerous children.

Minor accidents are listed in the sub-articles of Catastrophe .


Entries of athletics world records can be found under the respective discipline under athletics . Entries on football world championship games can be found in the sub-pages of football world championships . The same is true for European football championships .


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Kurt Alder (* 1902)


Alfred Biolek (* 1934)



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The list of days of remembrance and action contains further entries .

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