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Paul Wühr (born July 10, 1927 in Munich ; † July 12, 2016 at Le Pierle near Passignano sul Trasimeno ) was a German writer . It is assigned to the field of contemporary experimental literature.


Paul Wühr was born the son of a baker. After attending the Wittelsbacher Gymnasium in Munich, he completed training as a primary school teacher. From 1949 to 1983 he worked as a teacher at an elementary school in Graefelfing . In 1973, together with Martin Gregor-Dellin , Jürgen Kolbe , Michael Krüger , Fritz Arnold, Inge Poppe-Wühr , Christoph Buggert , Günter Herburger , Tankred Dorst and Peter Laemmle, he founded the first cooperatively organized author's bookstore in Munich .

Since 1986 Wühr lived with his wife in the hamlet of Le Pierle above Passignano sul Trasimeno, on the border of Umbria and Tuscany .

Paul Wühr was a member of the Association of German Writers and the PEN Center Germany .


Wühr, who began writing in his youth, had been working on an extensive work since the late 1940s that made him an experimental author of contemporary German-language literature. After two children's book publications in the early 1960s, he first reached a broader public with radio plays for WDR . While Wühr in the 1970s sensation with his original sound -Hörspielen excited, he wrote afterwards mainly due to continue sprachreflexiven and experimental Großpoemen and cycles of poems.

Wühr was the author of novels , radio plays , prose poems and poetry , whereby the boundaries between the genres are fluid in view of the author's often collage-like technique: “The collage principle that he used in these radio plays , i.e. the interweaving of everyday phrases, chunks of dialect and Fragments from high literature should also be decisive for his lyrical works and the pseudo-theoretical -poetic texts that respond to them. ”In his book Gegenmünchen (1970) , which was then scandalized as an alleged insult to the city of Munich , Wühr expanded his textual collage technique around the element of the (geo) graphic and created ten different city tours through and around the centers of his word city from "formalized poems, alienated city plans, timeless-poetic and daily political word / building material."

Since 1978, Wühr has been working on a major project entitled Der Wirre Zopf . Despite all the recognition from literary criticism and numerous awards, Wühr was considered one of the great outsiders of German literature who largely refused to enter the literary scene. "At his desk he took part in a big conversation that was conducted across all borders, including and especially across the border between the living and the dead."

Awards and honors


Radio plays

  • The experiment , directed by Oswald Döpke , WDR 1963.
  • Who can tell me who Sheila is? Director: Oswald Döpke, WDR 1964.
  • The bill , directed by Otto Kurth , WDR 1964.
  • God's name is Simon Cumascach , directed by Günther Sauer , WDR 1965.
  • Leaving the wedding (radio story on the Eisenhans Variation) , directed by Dieter Hasselblatt , DLF 1966.
  • When Florich speaks to Schachter , directed by Günther Sauer, WDR 1967.
  • Lintels , directed by Friedhelm Ortmann , WDR 1968.
  • Prize song , director: the author, composition: Enno Dugend , BR / NDR 1971.
  • Verirrhaus , directed by the author, BR / WDR 1972. As a podcast / download in the BR radio play pool.
  • Trip Null , directed by the author, BR 1973.
  • Good luck , directed by the author, BR / NDR 1976.
  • Soundseeing Metropolis Munich , directed by the author, BR / NDR 1986.
  • Thisbe und Thisbe , directed by Peter Fitz , WDR 1987.
  • Faschang Garaus , directed by the author, BR / NDR 1988.
  • Such a freedom , directed by the author, BR 1972, original broadcast SFB 1992.


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