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Chris Lohner (Vienna 2009)

Chris Lohner (actually Christine Lohner; * July 10, 1943 as Christine Keprda in Vienna ) is an Austrian journalist , author , presenter , cabaret artist and actress as well as the longtime voice of the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB).


Origin and education

Christine “Chris” Lohner, née Keprda - the name comes from Czech - was born as one of two daughters of Franz Keprda (1915–2004), then the youngest adult education center director, and a housewife. After graduating from high school in 1961, which she attended with Margit Fischer , she received an AFS scholarship for a high school stay in the United States (1962). During this time she began to study acting, which she continued on her return to Austria and graduated with the state examination. She also worked successfully as a photo model for seven years in Italy , France , Switzerland and Germany .


From 1973, Chris Lohner worked as a spokesperson and presenter for various programs on Austrian radio television (Österreich-Bild, Sonntags-Matinee, WIR, backstage) and for Ö3 and as host of the talk show Encounters at 3sat . In 1993 she received the Golden Romy for her program announcements on ORF . In 1994 she made her stage debut in Vienna with “Ein flotter Zweier”. Since 2001 she has moderated the daily program “Ganz Ich” on Ö1 and in 2006 presented her first solo piece “Sex? But with pleasure! ”In an in-house production. In 2008 she produced the two-person play "Der Käfig" by Jack Jacquine with Fritz von Friedl as a partner. Both pieces were performed in the StadtTheater walfischgasse in Vienna. In October 2016 her program Wolllust premiered at the Orpheum Vienna , followed in February 2018 by the program Anecdotes from my life - weird, funny, comical .

Her “trademarks” are her red hair and her pageboy hairstyle, which she shared with her WIR moderator colleague Brigitte Xander , who was almost the same age but who has already passed away , but above all her voice, which has been used since 1979 in the automatic announcements at train stations and from the series 4020 could also be heard on the trains of the Austrian Federal Railways until they began to be converted to the German computer voice Petra in 2011 . Due to passenger protests, among other things, the ÖBB decided in 2015 to return to Chris Lohner's voice, now digitized , which can therefore also be heard in the new Desiro ML railcars - except at train stations .

She has been publishing her books since 1979.

social commitment

Since 2001 Chris Lohner has been involved as a “Good Will Ambassador” for Light for the World - Christoffel Development Cooperation , in whose role she stays in Africa several times a year to support people with eye diseases. She is an honorary member of WWF Austria and has taken over the patronage of the endangered dragonfly . She has been running her own charity project, Kaftan - it fits, since 2006 .


After a seven-year relationship, Chris Lohner was married for another year to Alfons Lohner, whose name she kept after the divorce , as she explained in an interview for ORF TV magazine Thema in July 2018 , because: "... I have one Had Czech girls' names, Keprda, which was always very complicated, I always had to spell it. [...] Nobody addressed me by name, but said, 'Mäderl, get up, can you say your name'. ”Marina Hajek, née Lohner, who was five when they met, also comes from this marriage of which Chris Lohner says, "the best I have from him is my stepdaughter".

Furthermore, from 1978 she lived for fifteen years with the Jamaican ex-tennis player, Davis Cup winner (in doubles, May 1966) and reggae singer Lance Lumsden (actually Lancelot; October 30, 1939 to June 18, 2011) and remained on friendly terms with her “lifeblood” even after the separation. Due to his skin color, she was confronted with massive hostility during this time, as she described in the subject interview:

“Well, the most difficult relationship I had was with Lance Lumsden: not between us, but with the outside world. This was a time where you myself as a Negro - whore insulted, and I also once shit get on the board, welcomed the ORF, and there has it, 'Negerhur' creeping you out of Europe and Concealed in Negerkraal . ' So things like that happened. I've never told you that before. But in times like these, when everything is always very much in danger, you have to say that once in a while. "

- Chris Lohner : In: Thema, July 2018.

Her father Franz Keprda (1915 to 2004), whose estate she transferred to the Austrian Adult Education Center in July 2015 , was a trained librarian. In the 1930s he was employed by the Vienna People's Education Association, of which he was director from 1947 to 1968. During this time he also headed today's Margareten adult education center (polycollege) in the 5th district of Vienna Margareten.

Chris Lohner lives on the southern outskirts of Vienna.


  • 2016: Lust
  • 2018: Anecdotes from my life - weird, funny, weird
  • Lohner unpacks: A cheeky accounting for getting older
  • Lohner performs: people - animals - anecdotes
  • What, Christmas again?


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