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The Vienna History Wiki is an online encyclopedia in the form of a semantic wiki based on Semantic MediaWiki for the Austrian capital Vienna , which collects information about Vienna and its history and makes it available online, but unlike most other wikis, it does not have a free license uses. The Vienna History Wiki was created on the initiative of the Vienna City and State Archives ( MA 8) and went officially online on September 11, 2014. With over 40,000 articles, it is currently the largest Regiowiki in the world.

The wiki was based on the six volumes of the Historisches Lexikon Wien , which the Vienna city history researcher and archive director Felix Czeike , who died in 2006, compiled and was responsible for as editor. The articles in the lexicon have been digitized and revised for the wiki and are identified in the wiki by the fact that they are classified in the “Czeike” category. The wiki is continually updated by the Vienna Library and the Vienna City and State Archives from their holdings. In addition, according to the wiki principle, everyone can upload their own images and write entries; these are subjected to a quality control by the editorial team. The wiki collects historical information, and the criteria for inclusion of an article are designed accordingly.

The article texts are not under a free license. They may not be used outside of the wiki, as the copyright protection period of the Historisches Lexikons Wien has not yet expired and the work is therefore not yet in the public domain . Images, on the other hand, are under the Creative Commons -BY-NC-ND4.0 license, so they can continue to be used, but may not be used commercially or changed and the author must be named. The data on the entries are available for free use as Open Government Data .


Already in 2012 the Vienna City and State Archives were talking about a city history wiki based on the Historical Lexicon of Vienna and this idea was passed on to the press service and the IT service provider of Vienna for the first time. In October , a digitization contract was finally signed with the publishing house Orac / Kremayr & Scheriau KG, in which the historical encyclopedia of Vienna was published , which forms the legal basis of the wiki. The City and State Archives and the Vienna Library, which until then had been pursuing their own project called "Vienna Digital", now worked together on the Wiki based on Czeike's work.

In May 2013 the software Semantic MediaWiki was chosen for the project and the wiki was installed and set up for the first time. From July to September, 15 students worked on behalf of the Vienna City and State Archives to digitize the articles from Czeike's work and to enter them into the wiki. In the following months, these were edited. On September 11, 2014, the wiki was officially presented to the public and released for everyone to edit.

The main focus of the Vienna City and State Archives in 2015 and 2016 was to systematically record data on Vienna's traffic areas and the history of buildings in Vienna's inner city. The Vienna Library in the City Hall provided personal articles with data from the memorial day index.


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