Tohuwabohu (TV series)

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Television series
Country of production Austria
original language German
Year (s) 1990-1998
Episodes 58 in 8 seasons
idea Tohuwabohu
First broadcast 1990

Tohuwabohu was the name of an ORF cabaret series by and with Helmut Zenker . Between 1990 and 1998 there were 58 episodes in eight seasons; In addition, some specials were also published.


In the series, which was produced from 1990 to 1998, many Austrian personalities from film, television, music and sport played, including Vera Russwurm , Simone , Jazz Gitti , Rainhard Fendrich , Chris Lohner , Andrea Honer , Ossy Kolmann , Heinz Prüller , Christine Schuberth , Fritz Muliar , Gerhard Berger , Hansi Hinterseer , Franz Suhrada , Tony Wegas , Sigi Maron , Isabella Haller , Günter Tolar ,Ulla Weigerstorfer , Thomas Forstner , Christoph Fälbl , Lukas Resetarits , Claudia Scarpatetti , Hans Georg Heinke , Dolores Schmidinger , Alexander Bisenz , Gerald Pichowetz , Hans Kraemmer , Andreas Jäger , Alexandra Hilverth , Heinz Petters , Viktoria Schubert , Karl Pfeifer and the singer Waterloo . Several German artists also appeared in the series, for example Mike Krüger , Max Grießer and Karl Dall .

The American entertainer and show clown Jango Edwards had a guest role, especially in later episodes .

The eponymous name was also the guiding principle of the concept of the series: Tohuwabohu is a giant puddle, amoi said that must be . In each of the good half-hour episodes of the series viewers are apparently confused, Electoral aimlessly in sequence and in quick succession brief Einspieler presented.

These are skits, played jokes, outtakes, slip of the tongue, TV parodies, musical interludes, songs and pieces of music that act like music videos and are sung lip-synchronously by the performers, corruptions of well-known song, film and book titles. The series uses some concepts and jokes from the series Kottan determined, which was produced from 1976 to 1983 . The series was also accompanied by scraps of words thrown in ad hoc, for example the exclamation "Aus!", Which was mostly presented by Franz Suhrada in combination with a typical hand movement (open hand closed into a fist).

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