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Robert Abshagen (born January 12, 1911 in Hamburg ; † July 10, 1944 there ) was a German communist and resistance fighter against National Socialism .


Honor grove of Hamburg resistance fighters
Stumbling Stone Wachtelstrasse 4

Initially employed as an insurance employee, Abshagen later also worked as a seaman and construction worker . In 1931 he joined the Communist Party of Germany .

From 1933 he took part in the resistance struggle against National Socialism in Hamburg. In 1934 the Hamburg Higher Regional Court sentenced him to two and a half years in prison for “preparing for high treason ” , which he spent in Bremen-Oslebshausen . After serving this sentence, he was taken to the Sachsenhausen concentration camp and deployed there in the infirmary.

After his release in April 1939, he again took part in the resistance of the KPD in Hamburg and in the Wasserkante district, and in 1940 made contacts with Bernhard Bästlein and Franz Jacob, who had been released from prison . The resistance group was later known as the Bästlein-Jacob-Abshagen group . Abshagen took over the direction of various operational cells and maintained contact with the resistance in other areas of Germany. Abshagen went to Berlin, Saxony and Thuringia and made contact with anti-fascists in the Ruhr area.

On October 19, 1942, Robert Abshagen was also arrested by the Gestapo in connection with the search for Erna Eifler and Wilhelm Fellendorf by the Rote Kapelle ” special commission . The People's Court sentenced him to death on May 2, 1944. He was beheaded on July 10, 1944 in Hamburg.

Robert Abshagen's urn was buried in the honor grove of Hamburg resistance fighters in the Ohlsdorf cemetery in 1946 (pillow stone, third row from left, third stone).

A stumbling block was laid at Abshagen's last place of residence in Hamburg-Barmbek (Wachtelstrasse 4) .


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