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Benedict VII (* in Rome ; † July 10, 983 in Rome) was Pope from 974 to 983. As Deodat's son, he was the grandson of Alberic II of Spoleto and nephew of John XII. He became the fourth pope of the family of the Counts of Tusculum .

Benedict was Bishop of Sutri and in 974 succeeded Benedict VI, who was murdered by the antipope Boniface VII . He was elected at the instigation of Otto II , from whom Boniface VII had fled to Byzantium . A synod in Rome at the end of 974 condemned the fugitive and, at the request of Archbishop Adalbero of Reims, confirmed the dismissal of Bishop Theobaldus of Amiens as early as 948 . It is assumed that the resolutions of the Synod were communicated to Byzantium.

Benedict promoted church reform and the missionary work of the Slavs . Influenced by the Cluny monastery , he carried out this internal church reform and, among other things, condemned simony . He died on July 10, 983 and was consecrated in the Church of St. Cross of Jerusalem buried in Rome.


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  1. Date of death July 10, 983 according to BBKL, the Catholic Encyclopedia names October 983.
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