Alberich II.

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Alberic II of Spoleto (* before 915 ; † August 31, 954 in Rome ) was one of the most influential princes in Rome in the 10th century.

Alberich II. Was born as the son of Margrave Alberich I of Spoleto and Marozia , daughter of Theophylact I of Tusculum . He had been with Alda the Elder since 936 . J. , the daughter of his stepfather, King Hugos I of Italy .

In 932 he took control of Rome after driving his stepfather Hugo I, his mother's third husband, from Rome. He left his mother and half-brother, Pope John XI. , imprison and thus ended the age of pornocracy (mistress rule).

As "princeps ac senator omnium Romanorum" he was ruler of Rome and the papacy for 22 years . Under his rule, order and decency returned to Rome. In 951 he resisted the attempt to invite the German King Otto I to the imperial coronation in Rome. All the popes enthroned during his reign ( Leo VII , Stephen VIII , Marinus II , Agapitus II ) were dependent on him. In 954, in order to secure the secular and spiritual rule of his house, he had the Roman nobility swear to elect his son and heir Octavian as pope the next time he occupied the papal chair. Oktavian was born in 955 as John XII. the successor to Agapitus II and became one of the most unworthy persons on the papal throne.