Theophylact I. of Tusculum

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Theophylact I of Tusculum (* before 864; † 924/925) was a Roman senator and consul.


Theophylact was the son of Gregorius Nomenclator (mentioned around 875-885), whose father is in turn mentioned around 826 as the Nomenclator Theophylactus .

First mentioned in documents in 901 as the court judge of Emperor Ludwig III. , occurred Theophylact I on the return of Pope Sergius III. , possibly one of his relatives, made an appearance in 903/04. As papal vestararius (financial administrator) and magister militum (military commander) he was since then the leader of the Roman nobility with great influence on papal politics, especially through his wife Theodora I of Tusculum and his daughter Marozia . The latter wrote Liutprand of Cremona a relationship with Pope Sergius III. to who the later Pope John XI. had sprung. Since 905 Theophylact also carried the titles dux and senator Romanorum (Senator of the Romans).

After the death of Pope Sergius III. he promoted an alliance between Pope John X and the southern neighbors against the Arabs , who repeatedly threatened the Italian coast. In August 915 an army commanded by him and his son-in-law Alberich I of Spoleto defeated the Arabs at Garigliano. Theophylact's merit is the consolidation of conditions in central Italy . Some testimonies also highlight his and his family's efforts towards religious renewal. The Tusculans traced their origins back to theophylact .