Alberich I.

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Alberich I (* before 889; † between 917 and 925) was Margrave of Spoleto of Franconian (or Longobard) origin. He is the progenitor of the Tusculans , who held power in the city of Rome in the 10th and 11th centuries and provided eight popes.


Alberich I appears for the first time in 889 - probably as Count of Fermo - as a vassal of Wido II of Spoleto in the Battle of the Trebbia. Then he joined Berengar I and after Widos II's death in 894 through the murder of his great-nephew and successor Wido IV. In the spring of 897 Margrave of Spoleto. In 899 his contingents from Camerino and Spoleto fought against the Hungarians in Berengar's army. In 904 he was in Rome on the return of Pope Sergius III. involved. His connection with the Roman aristocratic leader Theophylact I of Tusculum , whose daughter Marozia he married and became the father of Alberich II . Marozia ruled Rome as a self-appointed senator ( Senatrix ) in the first half of the 10th century . In August 915 he played a major role in the success of the Battle of Garigliano against the Arabs. The date of his death is uncertain (he was last mentioned in a document in 917, he was definitely dead in 925).