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Otto , Czech Otta or Czech Ota († July 10, 1148 ) was a Bohemian clergyman and bishop of Prague .


Otto came from a Bohemian aristocratic family who later called themselves von Schwabenitz ( ze Švábenic ). He was canon of the Prague cathedral monastery and provost of the Sadská collegiate monastery and later cathedral provost of Prague.

Only a few days after the elected, but not yet consecrated, Bishop Sylvester resigned from his office, Otto was elected as his successor. After the secular enfeoffment by the Roman-German King Konrad III. the episcopal ordination took place on June 25, 1140 in Mainz by the Metropolitan Adalbert II .

The term of office of Bishop Otto fell at a politically troubled time. The Moravian princes Konrad von Znaim , Vratislav von Brno and Otto von Olomouc, as well as other Moravian nobles, tried to overthrow Duke Vladislav II . In 1142 they marched against Prague, which they besieged with their army. The Saint Vitus Cathedral and the nearby St. George's Monastery went up in flames. King Konrad III, who was called to help by Vladislav, drove out the enemies with his army. However, reconciliation and pacification could only be brought about by the Legate Quido, sent by the Pope to Bohemia in 1143 .

This was also given the task of monitoring and improving the ecclesiastical and religious conditions in Bohemia. He was supported by Bishop Otto and Duke Vladislav. Those canons and beneficiaries who only had to show minor ordinations were given the choice of being ordained priests immediately or giving up their benefices . Married priests had to renounce either marriage or benefices.

The Cistercian order , founded in Cîteaux in 1098 , which already had several branches in Bavaria and Franconia, should also contribute to the enhancement of religious life . The following monasteries arose during the tenure of Bishop Otto:

In order to improve pastoral care, Bishop Otto divided his district into pastoral care districts. He also initiated the rebuilding of the cathedral, which was devastated in the battles of 1142. For reasons of age, he could no longer participate in the crusade of 1147. He died on July 10, 1148 before the army returned.


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