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Budilov (also: Budivoj; Budislav; Budislaus ; † July 10, 1226 in Rome ) was Bishop of Prague .


Nothing is known about his origin or career, but it is believed that he came from the family of the Lords of Švábenice . In 1226 he and other Prague canons accompanied Bishop Pilgrim to Rome, who did not have the papal confirmation of his election and who was supposed to face a review by the Curia , which led to Pilgrim's resignation.

Pope Honorius III. appointed Budilov as Pilgrim's successor in the presence of the Prague Canons. The episcopal ordination took place on June 26, 1226 in Rome. Budilov was unable to take up his bishopric because he died shortly after his episcopal ordination in Rome. It is not known where he was buried.


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