Daniel I. (Prague)

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Daniel I († August 9, 1167 in Italy ) was Bishop of Prague and advisor to King Vladislav II and the Roman-German Emperor Friedrich Barbarossa .

Daniel is first recorded at the beginning of the 1140s during the reign of the Přemyslid Vladislav II. In 1145 he became provost in Sankt Veit . In 1148 he was elected Bishop of Prague.

In his position as bishop he was also an advisor to the Bohemian King Vladislav II and to Emperor Friedrich Barbarossa. He proved to be a skilled diplomat. The frequent absence, however, led to resentment and disorder in the Bohemian Church. In the 1150s he therefore implemented radical church reforms and divided the diocese into deaneries .

In 1157 he was commissioned by the king to prepare the wedding of his son Bedřich with Elisabeth ( Alžběta ), the daughter of the Hungarian king Géza II . In 1158 he took part in the coronation of Vladislav as King of Bohemia. 1159 to 1160 he was at the solution of the conflict between Pope Alexander III. and the antipope Viktor IV, supported by Emperor Friedrich , and was then appointed Apostellegaten. During the Battle of Milan in 1162, Emperor Barbarossa became aware of him and asked him to help in the fight against the Popes. Daniel stood up for the anti-popes Viktor IV and Paschal III, supported by the imperial side . a, while the clergy on the side of Pope Alexander III. stayed.

Daniel died of an epidemic during a campaign in Italy in 1167.


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Otto Bishop of Prague
Friedrich I.