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Jaromír-Gebehard (also Jaromír-Gebhart ; * around 1040 ; † June 26, 1090 in Gran ( Hungary )) was Bishop of Prague .

Origin and career

Jaromír came from the Bohemian family of the Přemyslids . He was the fourth son of Duke Břetislav I and his wife Judith von Schweinfurt , who determined him early on for the spiritual path.

After studying abroad, he returned to Bohemia after the death of his brother Spytihněv . Since he did not want to be ordained a priest yet, he fled to Poland. After the death of the Prague bishop Severus in 1067 he was brought back to Bohemia by his brothers Konrad I and Otto I , who asked their now ruling brother Duke Vratislav II to hand over the vacant diocese of Prague to Jaromír . Vratislav refused this request because he had intended the chaplain Lenz for this office. As early as 1063 he had founded the diocese of Olomouc in order to limit the sphere of influence of the Prague bishop.

Bishop of Prague

Due to resistance from his brothers and some Bohemian nobles, Vratislav gave in. On June 30, 1068 Henry IV appointed Jaromír bishop of Prague. On July 6th of the year in Mainz the episcopal ordination took place by Archbishop Siegfried I of Mainz , whereby Jaromír took the surname Gebehard . Despite the hostility from Duke Vratislav, he initially exercised the office of bishop vigorously and responsibly.

When in 1070 a property dispute broke out between Jaromír-Gebehard and the Olomouc Bishop Johann I von Breunau , both of them turned to Pope Alexander II . Jaromír-Gebehard did not wait for the papal decision and went to Moravia in 1071 , where he captured Bishop Johann and had him tortured. To settle the disputes, the Pope sent his legates to Bohemia. Duke Vratislav called a court, but Jaromír did not appear. Thereupon the legate forbade him to continue exercising the Prague episcopate. Jaromír-Gebehard fled abroad. After further investigations by the new Pope Gregory VII. Jaromír-Gebehard was reinstated in his office. After there was another conflict between Jaromír-Gebehard and Johann, the Pope decided at a specially convened synod that the disputed lands and possessions should be divided between the two bishops.

Emperor Heinrich IV crowned Duke Vratislav as King of Bohemia at the imperial assembly in Mainz in 1085. At the same time he initiated the dissolution of the diocese of Moravia, so that the diocese of Prague was restored to its old borders. As early as 1088, however, the current King Vratislav decided to split it up again. Jaromír-Gebehard then went to Rome to protest, but died on the way at the court of King Ladislaus I in Hungary.


On June 11, 1077, the future emperor Heinrich IV appointed Jaromír-Gebehard as the highest chancellor, which meant that he often stayed abroad. As has been proven by David Kalhous, Jaromir-Gebhard was not actively involved in Heinrich's service.


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