Konrad I (Bohemia)

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Konrad I. Otto (Czech Konrád I. Brněnský ), (* around 1035 ; † September 6, 1092 in Prague ) was the ruling prince in Bohemia from the Přemyslid family .

The third son of Prince Břetislav I and his wife Judith von Schweinfurt , daughter of Margrave Heinrich I , became Duke of Moravia under the rule of his father Achillea (1054). His brother Spytihněv II disempowered him a year later and ordered him to Prague , where he was to take over the court administration.

Only after his brother Vratislav II took office he received his share in Moravia in 1061 . In addition to Brno (Brno) he also received Znojmo ( Znojmo ). He ruled in unity with the Bohemian nobles for a total of 31 years and led several campaigns against Poland .

1082 he moved against the Austrian Margrave Leopold II. After the death of his brother Otto he received Olomouc ( Olomouc ) and there was thus since 1087 over Moravia. This seemed too dangerous to Vratislav II . In 1090 the Duke of Prague went to war against his brother. Konrad only saved a dispute between Vratislav II and his son Břetislav II.

In this situation Konrad's wife succeeded in convincing Vratislav II of Konrad's loyalty to the Duke of Prague. Vratislav thereupon even appointed Konrad, in accordance with the seniority principle , as his successor to the Prague throne. Konrad took over this office in 1092 after the death of his brother. However, he only ruled for eight months before he died himself. He had two sons: Udalrich and Lutold .

predecessor Office successor
Vratislav II. Duke of Bohemia
Břetislav II.