Ulrich of Brno

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Ulrich von Brünn (also Udalrich von Brünn , Czech Oldřich Brněnský or Udalrich z Brna ) († March 27, 1113 ) was a Moravian prince.

The son of Konrad I and Virpirka von Tengling from the Přemyslid dynasty ruled the then Principality of Brno from 1092 to 1113 and ruled in the Principality of Znojmo from 1112 to 1113 .

Břetislav II. , Who took over the successor business in the Principality of Bohemia after the death of Konrad, tried to arrange his own succession against the principle of the seniorate in favor of his brother Bořivoj II. Ulrich, the rightful heir to the throne, wanted to enforce his rights. In 1097 he was captured and imprisoned in Glatz . Meanwhile, Břetislav secured the succession to the throne in favor of his brother with Henry IV . Ulrich then received permission to move back to his castle in Brno.

In 1100 Břetislav II died after an assassination attempt and Bořivoj II, who had been appointed administrator of Moravia after Ulrich's capture , moved to Prague to take over the reign of Bohemia. Ulrich and his brother Litold von Znaim were entrusted with the administration of Moravia.

Ulrich continued to demand his rights to the throne of Bohemia from Heinrich IV, whereupon he was granted feudal rule over Bohemia. After unsuccessful negotiations with Bořivoj, Ulrich moved towards Prague with the support of Austrian and Bavarian armies. After the first battle at Malín , however, the less motivated mercenaries dispersed. Ulrich then retired to Brno and renounced the throne. After Litold's death he received the principality of Znojmo.

Ulrich, like his brother Litolt, was probably buried in the Benedictine monastery in Trebitsch, which they founded in 1109 .

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