Otto I. (Moravia)

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Otto I, the Handsome (Czech Ota I. Olomoucký , Oto I. Pěkný or Oto I. Sličný ; † June 9, 1087 ) was a Moravian prince.


Otto was the youngest son of Břetislav I and his wife Judith . He was with Euphemia of Hungary ( Euphemia Uherská , † April 2, 1111), daughter of the Hungarian King Bela I. married. In the German-speaking world he is often referred to as Otto von Moravia , Otto von Olmütz or Otto I the Beautiful .

After the death of his father (1055) and his brother Spytihněv II (1061), Otto took over the rule of the Principality of Olomouc with the consent of his brother Vratislav . After the takeover, he and his brothers Konrad I and Jaromír , Bishop of Prague, opposed the centralistic aspirations of their brother Vratislav .

Otto is the ancestor of the Olomouc branch of the Přemyslids . His sons are Svatopluk von Olomouc ( Svatopluk Olomoucký , † September 21, 1109) and Otto II. ( Ota II. Olomoucký , † February 18, 1126). Son Břetislav and daughter Boleslava died at a young age.

Otto is considered the founder of the Hradisch Monastery .

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