Vratislav of Brno

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Vratislav (Czech Vratislav Brněnský , also Wratislaw ; * after 1111; † August 16 or September 21 after 1146), from the Přemyslid family , was ruler of the Moravian principality of Brno .


Vratislav was the son of Ulrich ( Oldřich Brněnský ). He ruled in Brno between 1126 and around 1146 and was involved in many church and succession conflicts. He got into an argument with the Olomouc bishop Heinrich Zdik , because he appeared as a member of the Prague dukes in Moravia. In 1128/29 he was expelled by Duke Soběslav I and spent about a year in exile. 1140–45 he tried with a group of Moravian nobles to overthrow Vladislav II from the throne. After 1146 Vratislav is no longer mentioned in the sources.

He married an unknown Russian princess in 1132. His children were possibly Spitignev († 1197) and Swatopluk († before 1201), but they are only a falsity of the 14th century as his sons and successors in the Brno Principality.


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