Cosmas (Prague)

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Cosmas (Czech: Kosmas ; † October 10 or December 10, 1098 ) was Bishop of Prague .


His origin and his date of birth are not known. After the death of the Prague bishop Jaromír-Gebehard , Cosmas was elected as his successor in 1091. The investiture by King Conrad took place in Mantua at the end of the year .

The episcopal ordination by the Mainz bishop Ruthard , to whose church province Prague belonged, did not take place until three years later in Mainz.

Cosmas was accompanied on both dates by the Prague canon and later Bohemian chronicler Cosmas von Prague . The coincidental identity of names, however, led to the fact that the bishop Cosmas and the chronicler Cosmas were confused several times in the sources.

predecessor Office successor
Jaromír-Gebehard Bishop of Prague