July 19

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The July 19 is the 200th day of the Gregorian calendar (the 201st in leap years ), thus remain 165 days by year end.

Historic anniversaries
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Politics and world events

1553: Maria I Tudor
1747: Battle of Assietta
1821: The coronation
banquet of George IV.
1920: António Granjo


1900: Métro sign in Paris

science and technology



  • 1889 : The Danish tightrope walker Elvira Madigan and the Swedish lieutenant Sixten Sparre, who is already married, go to their death as lovers.
  • 1992 : The Italian judge Paolo Borsellino , a committed fighter against the Mafia , dies in a car bomb explosion in Palermo . With him five companions from his escort are killed, only one survives the act of violence .
  • 2005 : The non-profit association Aktion Tagwerk organizes the campaign “Your Day for Africa” in three federal states: Rhineland-Palatinate , Hesse and Saarland take part in the campaign. Rhineland-Palatinate is participating for the third time; Hessen and Saarland for the first time. 63,400 young people from 268 schools take part in the campaign, helping their peers in Africa.


1476: Hans Böhm at the stake


1545: Mary Rose

Minor accidents are listed in the sub-articles of Catastrophe .

nature and environment


Olympic rings

Entries of athletics world records can be found under the respective discipline under athletics . Entries on football world championship games can be found in the sub-pages of football world championships . The same is true for European football championships .


Before the 19th century

19th century


Samuel Colt (* 1814)
Hermann Bahr (* 1863)


Herbert Marcuse (* 1898)

20th century


George McGovern (born 1922)


Brian May (born 1947)


Ebbe Sand (* 1972)



Before the 16th century

16th to 18th century

19th century

Queen Luise of Prussia († 1810)

20th century


Louis-Nazaire Bégin († 1925)


Elly Heuss-Knapp († 1952)
Syngman Rhee († 1965)
Egon Eiermann († 1970)

21st century

Holidays and memorial days

  • Church memorial days
    • Jean Marteilhe , French witness of faith (Protestant)
    • St. Vincent de Paul , French founder and patron saint, founder of modern Caritas (Anglican, Protestant, Catholic, dates up to the 20th century, now for all three denominations on September 27th )

The list of days of remembrance and action contains further entries .

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