Bertil Antonsson

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Bertil Antonsson medal table
Bertil Antonsson
Bertil Antonsson


Olympic games
silver 1948 London Heavy freestyle
silver 1952 Helsinki Heavy freestyle
World Championship
gold 1950 Stockholm Heavy Greco
gold 1951 Helsinki Heavy freestyle
gold 1953 Naples Heavy Greco
silver 1954 Tokyo Heavy freestyle
silver 1955 Karlsruhe Heavy Greco
European Championship
gold 1946 Stockholm Heavy freestyle
gold 1949 Istanbul Heavy freestyle

Bertil Antonsson (born July 19, 1921 in Trollhättan ; † November 27, 2006 there ) was a Swedish wrestler .


Bertil Antonsson grew up in his hometown Trollhättan and belonged to the "Trollhättans Athletklubb" during his entire wrestling career. In 1942 he became Swedish junior heavyweight champion and started a great international career as a wrestler , which lasted from 1946 to 1958. He wrestled in both styles, Greco-Roman. and freestyle. He won three world and two European championships, but could not achieve an Olympic victory. In 1948 and 1952 he had to be satisfied with silver medals.

His most notable victory was at the 1953 World Cup in Naples over the Estonian Johannes Kotkas , who started for the Soviet Union and who had previously been unbeaten for over 10 years. For this achievement he was honored with the Svenska Dagbladet gold medal.

At the Olympic Games in 1956 he also beat the later Olympic champion Anatoli Parfenow from the USSR, but lost to Adelmo Bulgarelli , Italy and Wilfried Dietrich from Schifferstadt and had to be content with 5th place.

Bertil Antonsson also wrestled for Sweden in many international matches that were very popular at the time. Here are some of his most notable international matches: 1951 winner over Willi Liebern, Germany; 1953 winner over M. Ertek, Turkey; 1954 winner over Johannes Kotkas and defeat by Arsen Mekokishvili , both Soviet Union; 1955 winner over Alexander Masur , Soviet Union; 1955 winner over Hamit Kaplan , Turkey; 1956 winner over Alexander Masur; 1958 draw against Iwan Bogdan , Soviet Union; 1958 Winner over Kalervo Rauhala , Finland.

Bertil Antonsson was a fire fighter in Trollhättan and for many years chairman of the local wrestling club.

International success

year space competition style Weight Results
1946 1. EM in Stockholm F. Heavy with victories over Robert Herland , France , Josef Růžička , Czechoslovakia , Mehmet Çoban , Turkey and Willy Lardon , Switzerland
1947 7th EM in Prague GR Heavy after defeats against Pauli Riihimäki , Finland and Johannes Kotkas , USSR
1948 silver OS in London F. Heavy with victories over James Michael Armstrong , Australia , Sadık Esen , Turkey , Abolghasem Sakhdari , Iran and one defeat against Gyula Bóbis , Hungary
1949 1. EM in Istanbul F. Heavy with victories over Natale Vecchi , Italy , Muharrem Candaş , Turkey and Saed Timuri , Iran
1950 1. World Cup in Stockholm GR Heavy with victories over Alois Kešnar , CSR, Pauli Riihimäki, Olaf Knudsen , Norway and Gyula Bóbis
1951 1. World Cup in Helsinki F. Heavy with victories over Willy Lardon, Ahmad Vafadar , Iran, Adil Candemir , Turkey, Natale Vecchi and Pauli Riihimäki
1952 silver OS in Helsinki F. Heavy with victories over Kenneth Richmond , United Kingdom , Adolfo Ramírez , Argentina , Josef Růžička, İrfan Atan , Turkey, William Kerslake , USA and one defeat against Arsen Mekokishvili , USSR
1953 1. World Cup in Naples GR Heavy with victories over Süleyman Baştimur , Turkey, Willi Waltner , FRG , Josip Bajer , Yugoslavia , Josef Růžička, Antonios Georgoulis , Greece and Johannes Kotkas
1954 2. World Cup in Tokyo F. Heavy with victories over İrfan Atan, Max Leichter , FRG, William Kerslake and one defeat against Arsen Mekokishvili
1955 2. World Cup in Karlsruhe GR Heavy with wins over Hamit Kaplan , Turkey, Giuseppe Marcucci , Italy, Johannes Arts , Netherlands , Ferenc Fülöp , Hungary, Josef Růžička and one defeat against Alexander Masur , USSR
1956 5. OS in Melbourne GR Heavy with victories over Dale Lewis , USA and Anatoli Parfenow , USSR and defeats against Adelmo Bulgarelli , Italy and Wilfried Dietrich , FRG
1957 1. Adriatic Cup in Opatija F. Heavy before Sosnowsky, Poland and Janos Reznak, Hungary
1959 4th Intern. Tournament in Split GR Heavy behind Wilfried Dietrich, István Kozma , Hungary and Suleyman Bastimur, in front of Hussein Mehmedow, Bulgaria and Baksaj, Yugoslavia
1960 7th OS in Rome F. Heavy with victories over Max Ordman, South Africa and Max Widmer , Switzerland and with defeats against Sawkus Dscharasow , USSR and Wilfried Dietrich
  • F = free style, GR = Greco-Roman style
  • OS = Olympic Games, WM = World Championship, EM = European Championship
  • Heavy weight, at that time over 87 kg body weight

Swedish championships

Bertil Antonsson was a total of 23 times Swedish champion in both styles.


  • Documentation of FILA's International Wrestling Championships, 1976
  • various issues of the specialist magazine " Athletik " from the years 1949 to 1960

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