tidal wave

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A tidal wave is a suddenly rising water level in the sea , in a flowing water or in a channel with sometimes catastrophic effects.

It can be generated by

Flash floods are a special form of tidal waves and represent a particular challenge for water protection . They arise z. B. by the rupture of a dam (see list of dam disasters ) or by heavy rainfall that creates floods . Typical geomorphological forms of such flood events are the alluvial cones and the dry valleys such as wadis or the Italian torrentes. The lahars , the mud floods from volcanic eruptive sediments, are a special form . Torrent barriers and flood retention basins are built for tidal waves of this type .

Flood waves could also be caused by a meteorite impacting a body of water . Such events have not yet been recorded historically. However, impact craters on the sea ​​floor prove the occurrence of such events.

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