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Serap Riedel in her studio in Duisburg in October 2016

Serap Riedel (* 19th July 1960 in Sivas , Turkey , as Sevunur Demiray ) is a German-Turkish painter .


Serap Riedel was born in 1960 in Sivas , Turkey, as the daughter of a Turkish civil servant who went to Germany as a guest worker in the late 1960s and moved to Germany in 1975 as part of a family reunification. She lives in Duisburg , and since 2013 also in Datça , Turkey.

Serap Riedel supports the integration of immigrants as well as the long-term care and promotion of alcohol and drug dependent women and men through art therapy work with those affected. She works in adult education as a lecturer in acrylic painting .

Riedel sees herself as an independent artist who converts impressions gained in life into artistic expression, depending on her mood, free of stylistic constraints. She sees her work in a continuous and progressive versatile creative process of constant renewal, which can find expression in both realistic and abstract representations.

Since 1990, after largely self-taught learning of various techniques and styles, she has created numerous works of art in a variety of techniques with a wide variety of topics, which are intended to express and evoke feelings, tell stories and ask questions. The visit to the Free Academy of Fine Arts in Essen in 2007 and 2008 with Bernard Lokai (master student of Gerhard Richter ) and Henning Bertram (master student of painting with Johannes Geccelli , Armando and Georg Baselitz ) encouraged them to break new ground. a. in the abstraction and representation of man.

She works with different stylistic means and uses different techniques: She works with oil and acrylic paints on paper and canvas, but is also open to other colors and surfaces, in different sizes, from the 10 by 10 cm miniature to the wall filling Large format. Since 2013 she has also been working with clay.

Since 2014 she has been supporting the UKKSA (Uluslararasi Knidos Kültür Sanat Akademisi - International Knidos Culture and Art Academy) as a guest artist.

In 2018 she illustrated the Turkish-German language children's book Elif ve Atlar - Elif and the horses by the writer Molla Demirel .


Since 2003 Serap Riedel has shown her works in exhibitions, mainly in public buildings, initially in the Duisburg / Essen area, since 2012 also beyond, and since 2014 also regularly in galleries in Turkey.

After previous exhibitions in the Regional Social Court of Essen (2003) and in the Social Courts of Duisburg (2005) and Münster (2012), she received the invitation to host the exhibition “Instances - an artistic examination of law and justice ” in the Federal Social Court on the occasion of the anniversary “60 Years of the Federal Social Court” “(2014).

Works (selection)

Train of Instances, 2013, oil on canvas, 120 × 87 cm: Serap Riedel with the President of the Federal Social Court, Peter Masuch, at the vernissage of the exhibition “Train of Instances - An Artistic Confrontation with Law and Justice” on July 10, 2014
Instances, 2013, oil on canvas, 120 × 87 cm

Solo exhibitions (selection)

  • Encounters with people and landscapes 2003, Essen
  • Work and Effect 2005, Duisburg
  • Look through 2006, Duisburg
  • Perspectives - Perspectives - Perspectives 2010, Duisburg
  • Impression - Expression 2012, Duisburg
  • Giving space 2012/2013, Münster
  • Art change at the inner harbor 2013, Duisburg
  • Make visible 2013, Galerie ruhrKunstort, Duisburg
  • ... traveling ... 2013/2014, Nottuln
  • Train of Instances - An artistic examination of law and justice 2014, Kassel
  • Tanıtmak, Tanımak ... Introducing, Meeting Each Other ... 2014, Liman Sanat Galerisi (Art Harbor Gallery), Datca, Turkey
  • Page by page 2015, Herne
  • Rüya (mı) ...? - Dream)...? 2015, Galerisi Kırmızı Kapı (Red Door Gallery), Datca, Turkey
  • Changes 2016, Galerie im Steinhof, Duisburg
  • The Voices of Colors 2016, Hamm
  • As part of the art 2016/2017, Dinslaken
  • Blickwinkel 2017, Duisburg - Rheinhausen
  • Derin-Tief 2017, Siena Sanat Galerisi, Datca, Turkey
  • Linger, 2017, Wustrau
  • The long way, 2018, Duisburg - Rheinhausen
  • Stop, 2019, Düsseldorf
  • Yaz Kültür Sanat Festivali (Summer Art and Culture Festival), 2019, Istanbul
  • After calling ..., 2019/2020, Duisburg

Group exhibitions

  • The presence of colors (with Elly Kemper, Mariam El-Sayed Ali and Michael Reinker, presented by Kaktus eV Münster) 2013/2014, Münster
  • Meeting point (with Britta Odenthal, Nerkiz Sahin, Sevim Ünal, Ralf Lüttmann and Hektor Troyali) 2014, Duisburg
  • Together - Opposite (with Hektor Troyali) 2014, Duisburg
  • Buluşma - Meeting (with Mine Soral and Apostrofes) 2015, Aydın Kanza Kültür ve Sanat Salonu, (Aydın Kanza Culture and Art Salon) Antalya, Turkey
  • Above Below (with Heinz Spütz, Karl Schwers and Michael Metzner) 2016, Recklinghausen
  • Buluşma - Meeting Insan ve Yaşam (People and Life) - with Mine Soral and Apostrofes, 2016, Fikret Otyam Sanat Galerisi (Fiket Otyam Art Gallery), Antalya, Turkey
  • Buluşma - Rüyaların Fısılıtısı (Dream Whispers) with Mine Soral and Apostrofes, 2017, Çatal Mağara Sergi Salonu (Exhibition Salon Twin Cave), Datca, Turkey
  • Connection___en (with Chinmayo, Bernd Meyer, Hektor Troyali, Martina Meyer-Heil and Kemal Balkan), 2018, Duisburg
  • Art Spring (with Kristiane Schöpper, Ria Maris, Dore Miething-Buschmann and Klaus-Dieter Hedwig), 2018, Münster
  • Mavi Ağustos (Blue August), 2018, Nişart Gallery, Bodrum, Turkey
  • Datca Ruhu (Datca Soul), 2018, Liman Sergi Salonu, Datca, Turkey
  • Doğaya Saygi (respect for nature), 2018, UKKSA, Datca Yakakoy, Turkey
  • Göç ve Kimlikler (Migration and Identities), 2019, UKKSA, Datca Yakakoy, Turkey
  • Ataşehir Sanatla Buluşuyor (Ataşehir meets art), 2019, Istanbul
  • 96. Yila Özel 96 Eser Cumhuriyet Sergisi (special exhibition 96th anniversary of the republic with 96 works), 2019, Antalya, Turkey
  • Şarabi Plastik Sanatlar Sergisi - Exhibition of Fine Arts, 2020, Datca, Turkey

Art fairs

  • Artist 2014, Istanbul
  • Istanbul Art Show 2018, Istanbul


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  • Serap Riedel: When I came to Germany; in Mercator-Gesellschaft (Ed.): Melting Pot Duisburg - 500 Years of Immigration History (s), Duisburg 2011
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  • Elif ve atlar: çocuk masalı = Elif and the horses: a children's fairy tale by Molla Demire l; illustrated by Serap Riedel, Hilden 2018

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