Isaac Adams

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Isaac Adams (born August 16, 1802 (or 1803) in Rochester , New Hampshire , † July 19, 1883 in Sandwich , New Hampshire) was an American inventor. He developed the Boston press for book printing .


His parents were Benjamin Adams and Elizabeth Horne Adams. He had no special training. At a young age he became a factory worker before learning the carpentry trade . In 1824 he went to Boston and worked in a machine shop.

Principle of the Boston press

There he invented the Adams Power Press , also known as the Boston platen press or Boston press, a platen press in 1827/28 with the support of Everett James Ellis . He introduced them to the public in 1830. In 1834 he improved it again and got a patent for it in 1836. This machine was a revolution in printing technology and became the leading machine for letterpress printing for the rest of the century from 1836 onwards. The press became so popular that it came in more than 30 sizes. The special thing about this press was that the pressure is generated by lifting a crucible that is pressed against a solid plate. The paper sheets are fed by hand. With his brother Seth he produced these and other machines. Adams also founded I. & S. Adams in 1836.

Adams was also politically active, becoming a member of the Massachusetts Senate in 1840 .

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