Preliminary peace of Breslau

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The preliminary peace in Breslau was a preliminary peace to end the First Silesian War . It was concluded on June 11, 1742 in Breslau between Prussia and Austria and a few weeks later confirmed by the Peace of Berlin .


After the lost battle of Chotusitz , the Austrian ruler Maria Theresa decided to make peace with the Prussian King Friedrich II in order to no longer have to split her forces in the War of the Austrian Succession . The negotiations, which came about through the mediation of the British ambassador Lord Hyndford, were led by Minister Heinrich Graf von Podewils for Prussia and by Imperial Councilor Baron Karl Joseph von Gillern (since Klein-Schnellendorf ) for Austria .

It was agreed that Austria had to cede most of Silesia up to the Oppa and the Bohemian County of Glatz to Prussia. Friedrich succeeded in ensuring that the acquisition passed to him in "full sovereignty and independence" from the Queen of Hungary and Bohemia . The principality of Teschen, on the other side of the Oppa, and the greater part of the principalities of Troppau and Jägerndorf remained with Austria as Austrian Silesia . Prussia undertook to terminate the alliance directed against Austria and assumed the debt of Silesia in the amount of 1.7 million guilders to Great Britain .

On July 28, 1742 in followed Berlin the signing of the Treaty of Berlin , which confirmed the agreements reached at the preliminary peace of Breslau and ended the First Silesian War.

Individual evidence

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