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Inessa Krawez (1995)

Inessa Mykolajiwna Krawez ( Ukrainian Інеса Миколаївна Кравець , English transcription Inesa Kravets, née Шуляк - Schuljak - Shulyak ; born October 5, 1966 in Dnepropetrovsk ) is a Ukrainian athlete and Olympic champion . Your main disciplines are the long jump and triple jump .

In the long jump, starting for the Soviet Union , she was tenth at the 1988 Olympic Games in Seoul and sixth at the 1990 European Athletics Championships in Split. At the IAAF World Indoor Championships in Seville in 1991 , she was fourth in the long jump and won the triple jump, which was held as a demonstration competition. In the open-air season, she then improved the world record in the triple jump by 41 centimeters on June 10 in Moscow with 14.95 m .

In 1992 she started for the United Team at the European Indoor Championships in Genoa , where she won the triple jump title and also came fourth in the long jump. In the same year she won her first Olympic medal with silver in the long jump at the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona behind Heike Drechsler (GER) and in front of Jackie Joyner-Kersee (USA). The following year she won bronze in the long jump at the World Indoor Championships in Toronto , now competing for the Ukraine, and became the first official indoor world champion in the triple jump.

In 1994 she won bronze in the long jump at the European Indoor Championships in Paris and was sixth in the triple jump, and at the European Championships in Helsinki she won silver in the long jump and bronze in the triple jump. She won the 1995 World Athletics Championships in Gothenburg with the current world record of 15.50 m.

In 1996 she won the gold medal in the triple jump at the Olympic Games in Atlanta in front of Inna Lassowskaja (RUS) and Šárka Kašpárková (CZE). At the 1999 World Championships in Seville, she was eliminated in the same discipline in qualification.

In 1993 Krawez was banned for three months for taking illicit stimulants. In July 2000 steroids were registered in a doping test and a two-year ban was issued for this violation of the doping regulations .

After this period she won silver in the long jump at the World Indoor Championships in 2003 Birmingham.

Personal best

  • Long jump: 7.37 m, June 13, 1992, Kiev
    • Hall: 7.09 m, February 1, 1992, Moscow
  • Triple jump: 15.50 m, August 10, 1995, Gothenburg
    • Hall: 14.67 m, January 27, 1995, Moscow

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