World Athletics Championships 2009

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12th World Athletics Championships
2009 World Athletics Championships logo
The Berlin Olympic Stadium
The Berlin Olympic Stadium
city GermanyGermany Berlin , Germany
Stadion Olympiastadion Berlin
participating countries 201
Participating athletes 2013
Competitions 47
opening August 15, 2009
Final day August 23, 2009
Opened by Horst Köhler
Federal President
Osaka 2007 Daegu 2011
Medal table (final result after 47 decisions)
space country G S. B. total
1 United StatesUnited States United States 10 6th 6th 22nd
2 JamaicaJamaica Jamaica 7th 4th 2 13
3 KenyaKenya Kenya 4th 6th 1 11
4th GermanyGermany Germany 2 4th 3 9
5 PolandPoland Poland 2 4th 2 8th
6th Ethiopia 1996Ethiopia Ethiopia 2 2 4th 8th
7th United KingdomUnited Kingdom Great Britain 2 2 2 6th
8th RussiaRussia Russia 2 1 7th 10
9 China People's RepublicPeople's Republic of China People's Republic of China 2 1 1 4th
10 South AfricaSouth Africa South Africa 2 1 - 3
Complete medal table  

The 12th World Athletics Championships (officially 12th IAAF World Championships in Athletics berlin 2009 ™ or 12th IAAF World Championships in Athletics berlin 2009 ) took place from August 15 to 23, 2009 in the Olympic Stadium in Berlin . Exceptions were the events in the marathon as well as the 20 or 50 kilometer walk , which started at the Brandenburg Gate and also found its destination there.

The organizers announced a budget of 45 million euros, which was covered by 17 million euros from ticket sales and 7 million euros from marketing .

During the event, the athletes were accommodated in the hotels Estrel in the Neukölln district (950 rooms booked) and Berlin, Berlin in the Tiergarten district (650 rooms booked).

The mascot Berlino received special attention .

Applications for the venue

Mascot "Berlino"

Eight cities had initially expressed their interest in hosting the event: Berlin ( Germany ), Brisbane ( Australia ), Brussels ( Belgium ), Casablanca ( Morocco ), Daegu ( South Korea ), Delhi ( India ), Split ( Croatia ) and Valencia ( Spain ) . The cities' application documents had to be submitted to the IAAF , the World Athletics Association , by June 30, 2004 . Shortly before the deadline, Brisbane, Casablanca, Daegu and Delhi withdrew their applications, leaving only the four European candidate cities. On December 4, 2004, during their meeting in Helsinki , the members of the IAAF Council gave the event to Berlin with 24 out of 26 possible votes.


ARD and ZDF acted as the host country's television broadcasters, produced the television images in high-definition format ( HDTV 1080i50, and thus did not produce 1080p50 in accordance with the EBU recommendation) and made the signal available for over 190 television markets worldwide. It was broadcast by ARD and ZDF in the resolution 720p50 . For this purpose, around 90 television cameras were installed in the Olympic Stadium, which is significantly more than when broadcasting football matches.

There were also extensive live broadcasts by the private broadcaster Eurosport . in Switzerland by SF two .

The broadcasters Das Erste and ZDF offered, alternating daily, a live broadcast of all competitions in real time via the Internet in the ARDmediathek and ZDFmediathek . The provider Zattoo made it possible for Internet users in Germany and Switzerland to receive the current programs from ARD and ZDF and thus also to receive World Cup coverage via the Internet.

Some media, including the taz , boycotted the reporting because all journalists had to agree to a police and secret service screening in order to receive the accreditation . For this purpose, inquiries were made to the LKA Berlin and subsequently to the Federal and State Office for the Protection of the Constitution, the Federal Intelligence Service and various criminal offender files. The German Association of Journalists condemned the procedure as "incompatible with freedom of the press." This practice also earned the organizing committee a Big Brother Award in October 2009 .


Three world records were set during the world championships:

There were also four continental records:

The following championship records - world championship records - were also recorded:

In addition, 48 national records were improved and 16 world annual bests were set.

Participating Nations

List of participating nations (the number of qualified athletes is in brackets) :

Liechtenstein did not send any athletes.


As the athletics world championships in 2001 in Edmonton , 2003 in Paris in 2005 in Helsinki and in 2007 in Osaka these World Championships were due burdened by subsequent studies and findings from the tiresome problem of doping. Four athletes were stripped of their placements / medals at these world championships due to violations of the doping regulations. Among them were two athletes who were initially named world champions.

Competition rounds

The participants in the final competition were determined in up to three elimination competitions. In the 10,000-meter run , marathon , the three walking competitions , heptathlon and decathlon , there were no preliminary rounds.

Dates of the competition rounds
discipline Men Women
  Pre-run (VL),
qualification (Q)
final Pre-run (VL),
qualification (Q)
100 m 08/15 (VL) 08/15 08/16 08/16 08/16 (VL) 08/16 08/17 08/17
200 m 08/18 (VL) 08/18 08/19 08/20 08/19 (VL) 08/19 08/20 08/21
400 m 08/18 (VL)   08/19 08/21 08/15 (VL)   08/16 08/18
800 m 08/20 (VL)   08/21 08/23 08/16 (VL)   08/17 08/19
1500 m 08/15 (VL)   08/17 08/19 08/19 (VL)   08/21 08/23
5000 m 08/20 (VL)     08/23 08/19 (VL)     08/22
10,000 m   08/17   08/15
Marathon run   08/22   08/23
20 km walk   08/15   08/16
50 km walk   08/21  
100 m hurdles   08/18 (VL)   08/19 08/19
110 m hurdles 08/19 (VL)   08/20 08/20  
400 m hurdles 08/15 (VL)   08/16 08/18 08/17 (VL)   08/18 08/20
3000 m obstacle 08/16 (VL)     08/18 08/15 (VL)     08/17
4 × 100 m 08/21 (VL)     08/22 08/22 (VL)     08/22
4 × 400 m 08/22 (VL)     08/23 08/22 (VL)     08/23
high jump 08/19 (Q)     08/21 08/18 (Q)     08/20
Pole vault 08/20 (Q)     08/22 08/15 (Q)     08/17
Long jump 08/20 (Q)     08/22 08/21 (Q)     08/23
Triple jump 08/16 (Q)     08/18 08/15 (Q)     08/17
Shot put 08/15 (Q)     08/15 08/16 (Q)     08/16
Discus throw 08/18 (Q)     08/19 08/19 (Q)     08/21
Hammer throw 08/15 (Q)     08/17 08/20 (Q)     08/22
Javelin throw 08/21 (Q)     08/23 08/16 (Q)     08/18
Heptathlon         August 15/16
Decathlon       19./20.08.  

Most successful athlete

  • The most successful athlete at the 2009 World Championships was sprinter Usain Bolt from Jamaica . The three-time gold medalist at the Olympic Games in Beijing in 2008 also repeated his triumph at the world championships in Berlin. Bolt won his first world title over 100 meters . He also won over 200 meters and won gold with the Jamaican team in the 4 x 100 meter relay . Bolt set world records that were not considered possible on the two individual routes and was the first person to run over 100 meters in under 9.6 seconds and over 200 meters in under 19.2 seconds. In the relay race, the Jamaica team did not set a world record, but ran the second fastest time ever and fastest time ever achieved in world championships. For his two world records, Bolt received a prize money of 60,000 US dollars and additional prize money from a sponsor who offered a winner's check of 100,000 US dollars for each world record achieved at the world championships.
  • In the men's two gold medals from the 400-meter runner won LaShawn Merritt of the United States ( 400 meters , 4 x 400-meter relay ), the Ethiopian Kenenisa Bekele over 5,000 and 10,000 meters , as well as the American Kerron Clement on 400 meter hurdles and in the 4 x 400 meter relay.
  • In the women's category, sprinter Shelly-Ann Fraser from Jamaica (100 meters, 4-by-100-meter relay), Allyson Felix (USA) in the 200-meter and 4-by-400-meter relay won two world titles and Sanya Richards from the USA (400 meters, 4 x 400 meters relay)
  • Anita Włodarczyk from Poland achieved another world record with a hammer throw of 77.96 m .

Results men

100 m

Crossing the finish line at the 100 meter final
space athlete country Time (s)
1 Usain Bolt JamaicaJamaica JAM 09.58 WR
2 Tyson Gay United StatesUnited States United States 09.71 NO
3 Asafa Powell JamaicaJamaica JAM 09.84
4th Daniel Bailey Antigua and BarbudaAntigua and Barbuda ANT 09.93
5 Richard Thompson Trinidad and TobagoTrinidad and Tobago TRI 09.93
6th Dwain Chambers United KingdomUnited Kingdom GBR 10.00
7th Marc Burns Trinidad and TobagoTrinidad and Tobago TRI 10.00
8th Darvis Patton United StatesUnited States United States 10.34

Final: August 16, 9:35 p.m.

Wind speed: +0.9 m / s

WR : Usain Bolt ( JAM ), 9.69 s, 2008
WJB : Tyson Gay ( USA ), 9.77 s

Other participants from German-speaking countries:

Eliminated in the quarter-finals: Martin Keller ( GER ), 10.40 s

Eliminated in the run-up: Ryan Moseley ( AUT ), 10.42 s; Cédric Nabe (SUI), 10.51 s; Stefan Schwab (GER), 10.50 s; Tobias Unger (GER), 10.42 s

200 m

Usain Bolt after crossing the finish line in the 200 meter final
space athlete country Time (s)
1 Usain Bolt JamaicaJamaica JAM 19.19 WR
2 Alonso Edward PanamaPanama PAN 19.81 AM
3 Wallace Spearmon United StatesUnited States United States 19.85
4th Shawn Crawford United StatesUnited States United States 19.89
5 Steve Mullings JamaicaJamaica JAM 19.98
6th Charles Clark United StatesUnited States United States 20.39
7th Ramil Quliyev AzerbaijanAzerbaijan AZE 20.61
8th David Alerte FranceFrance FRA 20.68

Final: August 20, 8:35 p.m.

Wind speed: −0.3 m / s

WR : Usain Bolt ( JAM ), 19.30 s, 2008

WJB : Tyson Gay ( USA ), 19.58 p

Other participants from German-speaking countries:

Eliminated in the semifinals: Robert Hering ( GER ), 20.52 s

Eliminated in the quarter finals: Aleixo-Platini Menga (GER), 20.68 s; Marco Cribari ( SUI ), 20.81 s; Marc Schneeberger (SUI), 20.91 s

Eliminated in the preliminary run: Alexander Kosenkow (GER), 20.99 s

400 m

space athlete country Time (s)
1 LaShawn Merritt United StatesUnited States United States 44.06 ( WJB )
2 Jeremy Wariner United StatesUnited States United States 44.60
3 Renny Quow Trinidad and TobagoTrinidad and Tobago TRI 45.02
4th Tabarie Henry American Virgin IslandsAmerican Virgin Islands ISV 45.42
5 Chris Brown BahamasBahamas BAH 45.47
6th David Gillick IrelandIreland IRL 45.53
7th Michael Bingham United KingdomUnited Kingdom GBR 45.56
8th Leslie Djhone FranceFrance FRA 45.90

Final: August 21, 9:20 p.m.

WR : Michael Johnson ( USA ), 43.18 s, 1999

WJB : LaShawn Merritt (USA), 44.50 p

In the final, defending champion Jeremy Wariner took the lead after a quick start. In the last corner the favorite and Olympic champion LaShawn Merritt caught up with him and pulled away on the home straight. For the ninth time in twelve world championships and for the fourth time in a row, the 400 meter title went to an American.

800 m

space athlete country Time (min)
1 Mbulaeni Mulaudzi South AfricaSouth Africa RSA 1: 45.30
2 Alfred Kirwa Yego KenyaKenya KEN 1: 45.35
3 Yusuf Saad camel BahrainBahrain BRN 1: 45.35
4th Yuri Borsakovsky RussiaRussia RUS 1: 45.57
5 Amine Laalou MoroccoMorocco MAR 1: 45.66
6th Nick Symmonds United StatesUnited States United States 1: 45.71
7th Bram Som NetherlandsNetherlands NED 1: 45.86
8th Marcin Lewandowski PolandPoland POLE 1: 46.17

Final: August 23, 5:25 p.m.

WR : Wilson Kipketer ( DEN ), 1: 41.11 min, 1997

WJB : Abubaker Kaki ( SUD ), 1: 43.09 min

Other participants from German-speaking countries:

Eliminated in the run-up after a fall: Robin Schembera ( GER ), 1: 54.47 min

Eliminated in the preliminary run: Mike Schumacher ( LUX ), 1: 48.18 min

1500 m

space athlete country Time (min)
1 Yusuf Saad camel BahrainBahrain BRN 3: 35.93
2 Deresse Mekonnen Ethiopia 1996Ethiopia ETH 3: 36.01
3 Bernard Lagat United StatesUnited States United States 3: 36.20
4th Asbel Kiprop KenyaKenya KEN 3: 36.47
5 Augustine Kiprono Choge KenyaKenya KEN 3: 36.53
6th Mohamed Moustaoui MoroccoMorocco MAR 3: 36.57
7th Mehdi Baala FranceFrance FRA 3: 36.99
8th Lopez Lomong United StatesUnited States United States 3: 37.62

Final: August 19, 8:25 p.m.

WR : Hicham El Guerrouj ( MAR ), 3: 26.00 min, 1998

WJB : Augustine Kiprono Choge ( KEN ), 3: 29.47 min

The race started very slowly with two 400-meter segments in 59.54 s and 60.64 s. The field stayed together until a good 200 meters before the finish before the decision was made in the final sprint. Deresse Mekonnen came into the home straight as the leader, but was intercepted by Yusuf Saad Kamel . Behind them, Bernard Lagat was able to move up from the middle of the field to third place. Olympic champion Asbel Kiprop had to go the long way over the third lane in the last corner because the inner lanes were blocked by other runners. So he did not get into the position in time to intervene decisively in the battle for the medals.

Other participants from German-speaking countries and regions:

Eliminated in the run-up: Stefan Eberhardt ( GER ), 3: 40.05 min; Christian Obrist ( ITA ), 3: 43.41 min; Carsten Schlangen (GER), 3: 44.00 min

5000 m

space athlete country Time (min)
1 Kenenisa Bekele Ethiopia 1996Ethiopia ETH 13: 17.10
2 Bernard Lagat United StatesUnited States United States 13: 17.33
3 James Kwalia C'Kurui QatarQatar QAT 13: 17.78
4th Moses Ndiema Kipsiro UgandaUganda UGA 13: 18.11
5 Eliud Kipchoge KenyaKenya KEN 13: 18.95
6th Ali Abdosh Ethiopia 1996Ethiopia ETH 13: 19.11
7th Mohammed Farah United KingdomUnited Kingdom GBR 13: 19.69
8th Matthew Tegenkamp United StatesUnited States United States 13: 20.23

Final: August 23, 4:25 p.m.

WR : Kenenisa Bekele ( ETH ), 12:37.35 min, 2004

WJB : Kenenisa Bekele (ETH), 12: 56.23 min

Other participants from German-speaking countries:

Eliminated in the preliminary run: Arne Gabius ( GER ), 13: 49.13 min

10,000 m

Kenenisa Bekele on the lap of honor after the 10,000 meter final
space athlete country Time (min)
1 Kenenisa Bekele Ethiopia 1996Ethiopia ETH 26: 46.31 CR
2 Zersenay Tadese EritreaEritrea ERI 26: 50.12
3 Moses Ndiema Masai KenyaKenya KEN 26: 57.39
4th Imane Merga Ethiopia 1996Ethiopia ETH 27: 15.94
5 Bernard Kiprop Kipyego KenyaKenya KEN 27: 18.47
6th Dathan Ritzenhein United StatesUnited States United States 27: 22.28
7th Micah Kipkemboi Kogo KenyaKenya KEN 27: 26.33
8th Galen Rupp United StatesUnited States United States 27: 37.99

Date: August 17th, 8:50 pm

WR : Kenenisa Bekele ( ETH ), 26: 17.53 min, 2005

WJB : Josphat Muchiri Ndambiri ( KEN ), 26: 57.36 min

The defending champion and dominant 10,000 meter runner of the past few years, Kenenisa Bekele, started as the big favorite. All the more so when his compatriot Sileshi Sihine was injured. In the first half of the race, the runners from Qatar and Kenya tried to get Bekele into trouble with their high speed. Nicholas Kemboi in particular did much of the leadership work. The 5000 meter mark was reached in 13: 40.45 minutes. However, Bekele always retained control over the course of the race. Zersenay attacked Tadese about four kilometers from the finish. Ultimately, only Bekele was able to follow his tightening of pace. Although Tadese tried his best, he did not succeed in shaking Bekele off. At the beginning of the last lap, Bekele started his typical final sprint, apparently effortlessly leaving Tadese behind and winning in record time for the world championship. Moses Ndiema Masai, who had been part of the leadership group until Tadeese attacked, came in third. In the competition, which is typically determined by Africans, it is remarkable that two Americans, Dathan Ritzenhein and Galen Rupp, were able to place in the top eight.


space athlete country Time (h)
1 Abel Kirui KenyaKenya KEN 2:06:55 CR
2 Emmanuel Kipchirchir Mutai KenyaKenya KEN 2:07:48
3 Tsegay Kebede Ethiopia 1996Ethiopia ETH 2:08:35
4th Yemane Tsegay Ethiopia 1996Ethiopia ETH 2:08:42
5 Robert Kipkoech Cheruiyot KenyaKenya KEN 2:10:46
6th Atsushi Satō JapanJapan JPN 2:12:05
7th Adil Annani MoroccoMorocco MAR 2:12:12
8th José Manuel Martínez SpainSpain ESP 2:14:04

Date: August 22, 11:45 a.m.

WR : Haile Gebrselassie ( ETH ), 2:03:59 h, 2008

WJB : Duncan Kibet Kirong ( KEN ), 2:04:27 h

Atsushi Satō

Some of the strongest athletes such as world record holder Haile Gebrselassie , Olympic champion Samuel Kamau Wanjiru and defending champion Luke Kibet did not start here. Nevertheless, despite the warm temperatures of around 21 ° C, a fast race developed from the start. A leading group of eight reached the half marathon mark in 1:03:03 h. After thirty kilometers in 1:29:43 hours, the three Kenyans Abel Kirui, Robert Kipkoech Cheruiyot and Emmanuel Kipchirchir Mutai and Deriba Merga from Ethiopia, whose compatriot Tsegay Kebede was eight seconds behind. Kebede overtook Cheruiyot and then Merga, who later gave up the race, over the next five kilometers. At the top, the winner Kirui was able to pull away in the final stages of Mutai, who defended second place from Kebede despite stomach problems. Kirui undercut the old championship record of the injured missing Jaouad Gharib by 1:36 min. Of the 91 runners who started, 70 reached the finish.

In the team classification - not part of these world championships - of the World Cup, which is calculated from the sum of the times of the three fastest runners in a country, Kenya (6:25:28 h) won ahead of Ethiopia (6:32:26 h) and Japan ( 6:41:05 h). Germany took ninth place (6:56:20 h).

Other participants from German-speaking countries:

18th place: André Pollmächer ( GER ), 2:15:36 h; 34th place: Martin Beckmann (GER), 2:18:08 h; 50th place: Falk Cierpinski (GER), 2:22:36 h; 66th place: Tobias Sauter (GER), 2:35:43 h

110 m hurdles

space athlete country Time (s)
1 Ryan Brathwaite BarbadosBarbados BAR 13,14 NO
2 Terrence Trammell United StatesUnited States United States 13.15
3 David Payne United StatesUnited States United States 13.15
4th William Sharman United KingdomUnited Kingdom GBR 13.30
5 Maurice Wignall JamaicaJamaica JAM 13.31
6th Petr Svoboda Czech RepublicCzech Republic CZE 13.38
7th Dwight Thomas JamaicaJamaica JAM 13.56
8th Ji Wei China People's RepublicPeople's Republic of China CHN 13.57

Final: August 20, 8:55 p.m.

Wind speed: +0.1 m / s

WR : Dayron Robles ( CUB ) 12.87s, 2008

WJB : Dayron Robles (CUB) 13.04 p

400 m hurdles

space athlete country Time (s)
1 Kerron Clement United StatesUnited States United States 47.91 ( WJB )
2 Javier Culson Puerto RicoPuerto Rico PURE 48.09 NO
3 Bershawn Jackson United StatesUnited States United States 48.23
4th Jehue Gordon Trinidad and TobagoTrinidad and Tobago TRI 48.26 NO
5 Periklis Iakovakis GreeceGreece GRE 48.42
6th Danny McFarlane JamaicaJamaica JAM 48.65
7th David Greene United KingdomUnited Kingdom GBR 48.68
8th Félix Sánchez Dominican RepublicDominican Republic DOM 50.11

Final: August 18, 8:50 p.m.

WR : Kevin Young ( USA ), 46.78 s, 1992

WJB : LJ van Zyl ( RSA ), 47.94 s

3000 m obstacle

space athlete country Time (min)
1 Ezekiel Kemboi KenyaKenya KEN 8: 00.43 CR
2 Richard Kipkemboi Mateelong KenyaKenya KEN 8: 00.89
3 Bouabdellah Tahri FranceFrance FRA 8: 01.18 ER
4th Paul Kipsiele Koech KenyaKenya KEN 8: 01.26
5 Yacob Jarso Ethiopia 1996Ethiopia ETH 8: 12.13
6th Roba Gary Ethiopia 1996Ethiopia ETH 8: 12.40
7th Brimin Kiprop Kipruto KenyaKenya KEN 8: 12.61
8th Jukka Keskisalo FinlandFinland FIN 8: 14.47

Final: August 18, 7:50 p.m.

WR : Saif Saaeed Shaheen ( QAT ) 7: 53.63 min, 2004

WJB : Ezekiel Kemboi ( KEN ), 7: 58.85 min

Other participants from German-speaking countries:

Eliminated in the preliminary run: Steffen Uliczka ( GER ), 8: 37.83 min

4 × 100 m relay

The Jamaican winning relay (from left: Frater, Powell, Bolt, Mullings)
space country Athletes Time (s)
1 JamaicaJamaica Jamaica Steve Mullings
Michael Frater
Usain Bolt
Asafa Powell
Lerone Clarke
Dwight Thomas
37.31 CR
2 Trinidad and TobagoTrinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago Darrel Brown
Marc Burns
Emmanuel Callander
Richard Thompson
Keston Bledman
37.62 NO
3 United KingdomUnited Kingdom Great Britain Simeon Williamson
Tyrone Edgar
Marlon Devonish
Harry Aikines-Aryeetey
4th JapanJapan Japan Masashi Eriguchi
Naoki Tsukahara
Shinji Takahira
Kenji Fujimitsu
5 CanadaCanada Canada Sam Effah
Oluseyi Smith
Jared Connaughton
Bryan Barnett Forward
Hank Palmer
6th ItalyItaly Italy Roberto Donati
Simone Collio
Emanuele Di Gregorio
Fabio Cerutti
7th BrazilBrazil Brazil Vicente de Lima
Sandro Viana
Basílio de Moraes
José Carlos Moreira
8th FranceFrance France Ronald Pognon
Martial Mbandjock
Eddy De Lépine
Christophe Lemaitre
Pierre-Alexis Pessonneaux

Final: August 22nd, 8:50 pm

WR : Jamaica , 37.10 s, 2008

WJB : USA , 37.85 sec

Other participants from German-speaking countries:

Eliminated in qualification: Switzerland ( Pascal Mancini , Marc Schneeberger , Reto Schenkel , Marco Cribari ), 39.47 s; Germany ( Tobias Unger , Marius Broening , Alexander Kosenkow , Martin Keller ), DNF

4 × 400 m relay

space country Athletes Time (min)
1 United StatesUnited States United States Angelo Taylor
Jeremy Wariner
Kerron Clement
LaShawn Merritt
Lionel Larry
2: 57.86 ( WJB )
2 United KingdomUnited Kingdom Great Britain Conrad Williams
Michael Bingham
Robert Tobin
Martyn Rooney
David Greene
3: 00.53
3 AustraliaAustralia Australia John Steffensen
Ben Offereins
Tristan Thomas
Sean Wroe
Joel Milburn
Sean Wroe
3: 00.90
4th BelgiumBelgium Belgium Antoine Gillet
Kevin Borlée
Nils Duerinck
Cédric Van Branteghem
3: 01.88
5 PolandPoland Poland Marcin Marciniszyn
Piotr Klimczak
Kacper Kozłowski
Jan Ciepiela Prelude
Rafał Wieruszewski
3: 02.23
6th Dominican RepublicDominican Republic Dominican Republic Arismendy Peguero
Yon Soriano
Yoel Tapia
Félix Sánchez
Gustavo Cuesta
3: 02.47
7th FranceFrance France Leslie Djhone
Teddy Venel
Yannick Fonsat
Yoann Décimus
3: 02.65
8th NigeriaNigeria Nigeria Saul Weigopwa
Noah Akwu
Cristian Morton
Bola Gee Lawal
3: 02.73

Final: August 23, 6:15 p.m.

WR : United States , 2: 54.29 min, 1993
WJB : Bahamas , 3: 00.29 min

Other participants from German-speaking countries:

Eliminated in the qualification: Germany ( Martin Grothkopp , Kamghe Gaba , Eric Krüger , Ruwen Faller ), 3: 03.52 min

20 km walking

space athlete country Time (h)
1 - - -
2 Wang Hao China People's RepublicPeople's Republic of China CHN 1:19:06
3 Eder Sánchez MexicoMexico MEX 1:19:22
4th Giorgio Rubino ItalyItaly ITA 1:19:50
5 Luis Fernando López ColombiaColombia COL 1:20:03
6th Jared Tallent AustraliaAustralia OUT 1:20:27
7th Erik Tysse NorwayNorway NOR 1:20:38
8th Jesús Sánchez MexicoMexico MEX 1:20:52

Date: August 15, 1:00 p.m.

WR : Wladimir Kanaikin ( RUS ), 1:17:16 h, 2007

The competition took place in the city center on a 2-kilometer lap at the Brandenburg Gate , which the athletes had to run through 10 times, and attracted around 15,000 spectators. 50 walkers started at 25 ° C, 45 of whom reached the finish. The 2004 Olympic champion, Ivano Brugnetti (Italy), was eliminated, as was the 2004 Olympic runner-up and three-time World Cup runner-up, Francisco Javier Fernández (Spain). The first placed took the lead after 14 km.

The originally first placed Russian Valeri Bortschin was banned for eight years retrospectively from October 15, 2012 due to abnormalities in his biological passport .

Other participants from German-speaking countries:

14th place: André Höhne ( GER ), 1:21:59 h

50 km of walking

space athlete country Time (h)
1 - - -
2 Trond Nymark NorwayNorway NOR 3:41:16
3 Jesús Ángel García SpainSpain ESP 3:41:37
4th Grzegorz Sudoł PolandPoland POLE 3:42:34
5 André Höhne GermanyGermany GER 3:43:19
6th Luke Adams AustraliaAustralia OUT 3:43:39
7th Jared Tallent AustraliaAustralia OUT 3:44:50
8th Marco De Luca ItalyItaly ITA 3:46:31

Date: August 21, 9:10 a.m.

WR : Denis Nischegorodow ( RUS ), 3:34:14 h, 2008

WJB : Yohann Diniz ( FRA ), 3:38:45 h

The originally first placed Russian Sergei Kirdjapkin was subsequently disqualified because of abnormalities in his biological passport .

Other participants from German-speaking countries and regions:

Alex Schwazer ( ITA ), DNF

high jump

space athlete country Height (m)
1 Yaroslav Rybakov RussiaRussia RUS 2.32
2 Kyriakos Ioannou Cyprus RepublicRepublic of Cyprus CYP 2.32
3 Raúl Spank GermanyGermany GER 2.32
Sylwester Bednarek PolandPoland POLE 2.32
5 Jaroslav Bába Czech RepublicCzech Republic CZE 2.23
5 Mickael Hanany FranceFrance FRA 2.23
5 Martijn Nuyens NetherlandsNetherlands NED 2.23
5 Linus Thornblad SwedenSweden SWE 2.23

Final: August 21, 7:15 p.m.

WR : Javier Sotomayor ( CUB ), 2.45 m, 1993

WJB : Andra Manson ( USA ), Iwan Uchow ( RUS ) and Jaroslaw Rybakow (RUS), 2.35 m

Due to heavy rain, the start of the finals was delayed by about an hour. After that, many jumpers had problems getting to their full potential on the wet run-up track. Only four athletes jumped 2.28 m and subsequently 2.32 m. Since all four finally failed at 2.35 m, the number of unsuccessful attempts decided on the medal award. Behind the winner Jaroslaw Rybakow and the second Kyriakos Ioannou, Sylwester Bednarek and Raúl Spank shared third place. For Rybakow it was the first world championship gold after three second places. Bednarek exceeded his previous personal best by four centimeters, Raul Spank hired his. In contrast, defending champion Donald Thomas was already eliminated in qualifying.

Pole vault

space athlete country Height (m)
1 Steven Hooker AustraliaAustralia OUT 5.90
2 Romain Mesnil FranceFrance FRA 5.85
3 Renaud Lavillenie FranceFrance FRA 5.80
4th Maksym Masuryk UkraineUkraine UKR 5.75
5 Alexander Gripitsch RussiaRussia RUS 5.75
6th Damiel Dossevi FranceFrance FRA 5.75
7th Steven Lewis United KingdomUnited Kingdom GBR 5.65
Alexander Straub GermanyGermany GER 5.65
Giuseppe Gibilisco ItalyItaly ITA 5.65

Final: August 22nd, 6:15 pm

WR : Serhij Bubka ( UKR ), 6.14 m, 1994

WJB -Outdoor: Renaud Lavillenie ( FRA ), 6.01 m

WJB -Indoor: Steven Hooker ( AUS ) 6.06 m

Steven Hooker won the competition despite a painful hamstring injury that prevented him from completing the full competition. He only made two jumps, one failed attempt at 5.85 m and then another successful jump at 5.90 m. This was enough for the gold medal, as neither of the two French remaining in the competition could jump the 5.95 m. In particular, Renaud Lavillenie with a season best of 6.01 m would have had significantly more potential in terms of height, but failed after unsuccessful attempts at 5.85 m and 5.90 m in his only remaining attempt over 5.95 m due to a small one lateral touch.

Other participants from German-speaking countries:

Slightly injured after successfully qualifying in the main competition: Malte Mohr ( GER ), 5.50 m

Eliminated in the qualification: Björn Otto (GER), 5.55 m

Long jump

space athlete country Width (m)
1 Dwight Phillips United StatesUnited States United States 8.54
2 Godfrey Khotso Mokoena South AfricaSouth Africa RSA 8.47
3 Mitchell Watts AustraliaAustralia OUT 8.37
4th Fabrice Lapierre AustraliaAustralia OUT 8.21
5 Greg Rutherford United KingdomUnited Kingdom GBR 8.17
6th Salim Sdiri FranceFrance FRA 8.07
7th Gable Garenamotse BotswanaBotswana BOT 8.06
8th Christopher Tomlinson United KingdomUnited Kingdom GBR 8.06

Final: August 22nd, 6:05 pm

WR : Mike Powell ( USA ), 8.95 m, 1991

WJB : Dwight Phillips (USA), 8.74 m

Co-favorite and defending champion Irving Saladino was eliminated in the preliminary fight of the final without a valid attempt.

The award ceremony was carried out by the granddaughters of Jesse Owens and Luz Long .

Other participants from German-speaking countries:

Eliminated in the qualification: Sebastian Bayer ( GER ), 7.98 m; Nils Winter (GER), 7.69 m;

Triple jump

space athlete country Width (m)
1 Phillips Idowu United KingdomUnited Kingdom GBR 17.73 ( WJB )
2 Nelson Évora PortugalPortugal POR 17.55
3 Alexis Copello CubaCuba CUB 17.36
4th Leevan Sands BahamasBahamas BAH 17.32
5 Arnie David Giralt CubaCuba CUB 17.26
6th Li Yanxi China People's RepublicPeople's Republic of China CHN 17.23
7th Igor Spasovchodsky RussiaRussia RUS 16.91
8th Jadel Gregório BrazilBrazil BRA 16.89

Final: August 18, 6:05 p.m.

WR : Jonathan Edwards ( GBR ), 18.29 m, 1995

WJB : Nelson Évora ( POR ), 17.66 m

Other participants from German-speaking countries:

Eliminated in qualification without a valid attempt: Charles Friedek ( GER )

Shot put

space athlete country Width (m)
1 Christian Cantwell United StatesUnited States United States 22.03 ( WJB )
2 Tomasz Majewski PolandPoland POLE 21.91
3 Ralf Bartels GermanyGermany GER 21.37
4th Reese Hoffa United StatesUnited States United States 21.28
5 Adam Nelson United StatesUnited States United States 21.11
6th Pavel Lyschyn Belarus 1995Belarus BLR 20.98
7th Miroslav Vodovnik SloveniaSlovenia SLO 20.50
8th Hamza Alić Bosnia and HerzegovinaBosnia and Herzegovina BIH 20.00

Final: August 15, 8:15 p.m.

WR : Randy Barnes ( USA ), 23.12 m, 1990

WJB : Tomasz Majewski ( POL ), 21.95 m

Christian Cantwell, 2008 Olympic runner-up and indoor world champion , took the lead with the first attempt and scored the only 22-meter stroke of the competition in his fifth attempt, which was also the world best of the year. Ralf Bartels improved his personal record by an inch. As in the 2005 World Athletics Championships, he won bronze and defeated the highly popular Americans Hoffa and Nelson.
The Belarusian Andrej Michnewitsch , who originally took seventh place with 20.74 m, was subsequently disqualified for doping .

Other participants from German-speaking countries:

In the final without a valid attempt: Peter Sack ( GER )

Eliminated in the qualification: David Storl (GER), 19.19 m

Discus throw

space athlete country Width (m)
1 Robert Harting GermanyGermany GER 69.43
2 Piotr Małachowski PolandPoland POLE 69.15 NO
3 Gerd Kanter EstoniaEstonia EST 66.88
4th Virgilijus Alekna LithuaniaLithuania LTU 66.36
5 Casey Malone United StatesUnited States United States 66.06
6th Zoltán Kővágó HungaryHungary HUN 65.17
7th Bogdan Pishchalnikov RussiaRussia RUS 65.02
8th Gerhard Mayer AustriaAustria AUT 63.17

Final: August 19, 8:10 p.m.

WR : Jürgen Schult ( GDR ), 74.08 m, 1986

WJB : Gerd Kanter ( EST ), 71.64 m

Other participants from German-speaking countries:

Eliminated in the qualification: Markus Münch ( GER ), 60.55 m; Daniel Schaerer ( SUI ), 58.50 m

Hammer throw

space athlete country Width (m)
1 Primož Kozmus SloveniaSlovenia SLO 80.84
2 Szymon Ziółkowski PolandPoland POLE 79.30
3 Alexei Sagorny RussiaRussia RUS 78.09
4th Krisztián Pars HungaryHungary HUN 77.45
5 Sergei Litvinov GermanyGermany GER 76.58
6th Markus Esser GermanyGermany GER 76.27
7th Andraš Haklits CroatiaCroatia CRO 76.26
8th Pavel Kryvitsky Belarus 1995Belarus BLR 76.00

Final: August 17th, 6:05 pm

WR : Jurij Sedych ( URS ), 86.74 m, 1986

WJB : Krisztián Pars ( HUN ), 81.43 m

Javelin throw

space athlete country Width (m)
1 Andreas Thorkildsen NorwayNorway NOR 89.59
2 Guillermo Martínez CubaCuba CUB 86.41
3 Yukifumi Murakami JapanJapan JPN 82.97
4th Vadim's Vasiļevskis LatviaLatvia LAT 82.37
5 Tero Pitkämäki FinlandFinland FIN 81.90
6th Antti Ruuskanen FinlandFinland FIN 81.87
7th Ainārs Kovals LatviaLatvia LAT 81.54
8th Mark Frank GermanyGermany GER 81.32

Final: August 23, 4:20 p.m.

WR : Jan Železný ( CZE ), 98.48 m, 1996

WJB : Vadims Vasiļevskis ( LAT ), 90.71 m

Other participants from German-speaking countries:

Eliminated in the qualification: Tino Häber ( GER ), 74.11 m; Stefan Müller ( SUI ), 72.83 m


Hardee during the competition in Berlin
space athlete country Points
1 Trey Hardee United StatesUnited States United States 8790 ( WJB )
2 Leonel Suarez CubaCuba CUB 8640
3 Alexander Pogorelow RussiaRussia RUS 8528
4th Oleksiy Kasyanov UkraineUkraine UKR 8479
5 Alexei Syssoyev RussiaRussia RUS 8454
6th Pascal Behrenbruch GermanyGermany GER 8439
7th Nicklas Wiberg SwedenSweden SWE 8406
8th Yordani García CubaCuba CUB 8387

Date: 19./20. August

WR : Roman Šebrle ( CZE ), 9026 points, 2001

WJB : Leonel Suárez ( CUB ), 8654 points

Other participants from German-speaking countries:

16th place: Norman Müller ( GER ), 8096 points; 27th place: Moritz Cleve (GER), 7777 points; 30th place: Simon Walter ( SUI ), 7649 points

Abandoned injured after the second discipline: Roland Schwarzl ( AUT )

Results women

100 m

space Athlete country Time (s)
1 Shelly-Ann Fraser JamaicaJamaica JAM 10.73 ( WJB )
2 Kerron Stewart JamaicaJamaica JAM 10.75
3 Carmelita Jeter United StatesUnited States United States 10.90
4th Veronica Campbell-Brown JamaicaJamaica JAM 10.95
5 Lauryn Williams United StatesUnited States United States 11.01
6th Debbie Ferguson-McKenzie BahamasBahamas BAH 11.05
7th Chandra Sturrup BahamasBahamas BAH 11.05
8th Aleen Bailey JamaicaJamaica JAM 11.16

Final: August 17th, 9:35 pm

Wind speed: +0.1 m / s

WR : Florence Griffith-Joyner ( USA ), 10.49 s, 1988

WJB : Kerron Stewart ( JAM ), 10.75 pp

Further participants from German-speaking countries:

Eliminated in the semifinals: Verena Sailer ( GER ), 11.24 s

Eliminated in the quarter-finals: Marion Wagner (GER), 11.64 s

200 m

space Athlete country Time (s)
1 Allyson Felix United StatesUnited States United States 22.02
2 Veronica Campbell-Brown JamaicaJamaica JAM 22.35
3 Debbie Ferguson-McKenzie BahamasBahamas BAH 22.41
4th Muna Lee United StatesUnited States United States 22.48
5 Anneisha McLaughlin JamaicaJamaica JAM 22.62
6th Simone Facey JamaicaJamaica JAM 22.80
7th Emily Freeman United KingdomUnited Kingdom GBR 22.98
8th Eleni Artymata Cyprus RepublicRepublic of Cyprus CYP 23.05

Final: August 21, 9:00 p.m.

Wind speed: −0.1 m / s

WR : Florence Griffith-Joyner ( USA ), 21.34 s, 1988

WJB : Allyson Felix (USA), 21.88 s

400 m

space Athlete country Time (s)
1 Sanya Richards United StatesUnited States United States 49.00 ( WJB )
2 Shericka Williams JamaicaJamaica JAM 49.32
3 Antonina Kriwoschapka RussiaRussia RUS 49.71
4th Novlene Williams-Mills JamaicaJamaica JAM 49.77
5 Christine Ohuruogu United KingdomUnited Kingdom GBR 50.21
6th Debbie Dunn United StatesUnited States United States 50.35
7th Anastassija Kapachinskaya RussiaRussia RUS 50.53
8th Amantle Montsho BotswanaBotswana BOT 50.65

Final: August 18, 7:35 p.m.

WR : Marita Koch ( GDR ), 47.60 s, 1985

WJB : Sanya Richards ( USA ), 49.23 s

Further participants from German-speaking countries:

Eliminated in the semi-finals: Sorina Nwachukwu ( GER ), 51.98 s

800 m

Caster Semenya
space Athlete country Time (min)
1 Caster Semenya South AfricaSouth Africa RSA 1: 55.45 ( WJB )
2 Janeth Jepkosgei Busienei KenyaKenya KEN 1: 57.90
3 Jennifer Meadows United KingdomUnited Kingdom GBR 1: 57.93
4th Julija Krewsun UkraineUkraine UKR 1: 58.00
5 Maria Savinova RussiaRussia RUS 1: 58.68
6th Elisa Cusma Piccione ItalyItaly ITA 1: 58.81
7th Mayte Martínez SpainSpain ESP 1: 58.81
8th Marilyn Okoro United KingdomUnited Kingdom GBR 2: 00.32

Final: August 19, 9:35 p.m.

WR : Jarmila Kratochvílová ( TCH ), 1: 53.28 min, 1983

WJB : Caster Semenya ( RSA ), 1: 56.72 min

The winner Caster Semenya had drawn attention for the first time three weeks before the World Athletics Championships with the world best time of 1: 56.72 min. In the final, she ran the first lap from the front in a quick 56.83 seconds. About 250 meters from the finish, Semenya was able to successfully repel an attack and again ran the world best time of the year, taking 2.45 seconds away from second-placed defending champion Janeth Jepkosgei Busienei from Kenya. Because of her male appearance, the IAAF ordered a sex test for Semenya. On July 6, 2010, the IAAF announced that Semanya can start again in the women.

Further participants from German-speaking countries:

Eliminated in the run-up: Jana Hartmann ( GER ), 2:04:99 min

1500 m

space Athlete country Time (min)
1 Maryam Yusuf Jamal BahrainBahrain BRN 4: 03.74
2 Lisa Dobriskey United KingdomUnited Kingdom GBR 4: 03.75
3 Shannon Rowbury United StatesUnited States United States 4: 04.18
4th Nuria Fernández SpainSpain ESP 4: 04.91
5 Christin Wurth-Thomas United StatesUnited States United States 4: 05.21
6th Anna Willard United StatesUnited States United States 4: 06.19
7th Lidia Chojecka PolandPoland POLE 4: 07.17
8th Natalia Evdokimova RussiaRussia RUS 4: 07.71

Final: August 23, 5:00 p.m.

WR : Qu Yunxia (CHN), 3: 50.46 min, 1993

WJB : Maryam Yusuf Jamal (BRN), 3: 56.55 min

Natalia Rodríguez from Spain was the first to cross the finish line, but was subsequently disqualified because she had culpably brought down the Ethiopian Gelete Burka during the race . All runners who had reached the finish behind Rodríguez moved up one place in the ranking.

5000 m

space Athlete country Time (min)
1 Vivian Jepkemoi Cheruiyot KenyaKenya KEN 14: 57.97
2 Sylvia Jebiwott Kibet KenyaKenya KEN 14: 58.33
3 Meseret Defar Ethiopia 1996Ethiopia ETH 14: 58.41
4th Sentayehu Ejigu Ethiopia 1996Ethiopia ETH 15: 03.38
5 Meselech Melkamu Ethiopia 1996Ethiopia ETH 15: 03.72
6th Iness Chepkesis Chenonge KenyaKenya KEN 15: 06.06
7th Silvia Weissteiner ItalyItaly ITA 15: 09.74
8th Genzebe Dibaba Ethiopia 1996Ethiopia ETH 15: 11.12

Final: August 22nd, 7:35 pm

WR : Tirunesh Dibaba ( ETH ), 14: 11.15 min, 2008

WJB : Tirunesh Dibaba (ETH), 14: 33.65 min

10,000 m

space Athlete country Time (min)
1 Linet Chepkwemoi Masai KenyaKenya KEN 30: 51.24
2 Meselech Melkamu Ethiopia 1996Ethiopia ETH 30: 51.34
3 Wude Ayalew Ethiopia 1996Ethiopia ETH 30: 51.95
4th Grace Kwamboka Momanyi KenyaKenya KEN 30: 52.25
5 Meseret Defar Ethiopia 1996Ethiopia ETH 30: 52.37
6th Amy Yoder Begley United StatesUnited States United States 31: 13.78
7th Yurika Nakamura JapanJapan JPN 31: 14.39
8th Kimberley Smith New ZealandNew Zealand NZL 31: 21.42

Date: August 15, 7:25 pm

WR : Wang Junxia ( CHN ), 29: 31.78 min, 1993

WJB : Meselech Melkamu ( ETH ), 29: 53.80 min

The field of 22 runners was together after a slow seven kilometers (3:08 min / km) when three Ethiopians and two Kenyans increased the pace on the eighth kilometer (2:56 minutes) and gained a big advantage that the other runners did not could catch up more. In the final sprint, the Ethiopian Meselech Melkamu believed she was the winner and cheered even before the finish line when Linet Masai pushed past her and thus ended the Ethiopians' uninterrupted winning streak since 1999.

Because nine athletes in the outer starting group, including Linet Chepkwemoi Masai (first), Wude Ayalew (third), Grace Kwamboka Momanyi (fourth) and Yurika Nakamura (seventh), pulled in prematurely, they ran too short a distance. The times they achieved are therefore not used for statistical purposes, although nothing changes in the rankings.


Marathon women (2009)
space Athlete country Time (h)
1 Bai Xue China People's RepublicPeople's Republic of China CHN 2:25:15
2 Yoshimi Ozaki JapanJapan JPN 2:25:25
3 Aselefech Mergia Ethiopia 1996Ethiopia ETH 2:25:32
4th Zhou Chunxiu China People's RepublicPeople's Republic of China CHN 2:25:39
5 Zhu Xiaolin China People's RepublicPeople's Republic of China CHN 2:26:08
6th Marisa Barros PortugalPortugal POR 2:26:50
7th Yuri Kanō JapanJapan JPN 2:26:57
8th Alevtina Biktimirova RussiaRussia RUS 2:27:39

Date: August 23, 11:15 a.m.

WR : Paula Radcliffe ( GBR ), 2:15:25 h, 2003

WJB : Irina Mikitenko ( GER ), 2:22:11 h

The world record holder Paula Radcliffe , the world's best of the year Irina Mikitenko and the defending champion Catherine Ndereba did not start in Berlin. Also because of the warm temperatures around 23 ° C in the shade, the race pace was rather slow. The half marathon mark reached a comparatively large group of 24 runners in 1:13:39 h. Little by little, more and more runners fell from the top group, until at kilometer 35 only the three later medal winners led the race. The two Chinese Zhou and Zhu were only a few seconds behind until the end, but could not catch up with the leading trio. The co-favorite Kara Goucher from the USA lost contact with the chasing group during this phase due to stomach problems. The decision about the medal award was made on the last kilometer, when the winner Bai Xue was able to break away from Aselefech Mergia and then from Yoshimi Ozaki. Of the 71 runners who started, 60 reached the finish.

The Russian Nailja Julamanowa , who came in eighth place in 2:27:08 h, was subsequently disqualified for a doping offense.

As a result, the Russians fell from third to fifth place in the team ranking of the World Cup, which is calculated from the sum of the times of the three fastest runners in a country. The World Cup, which is not part of the World Championships as a competition, was won by China (7:17:02 h) ahead of Japan (7:22:15 h), Ethiopia (7:28:17 h) and the United States (7:32 hrs) : 20 h). With only two runners at the finish, Germany did not make it into this ranking.

Further participants from German-speaking countries:

17th place: Sabrina Mockenhaupt ( GER ), 2:30:07 h; 34th place: Susanne Hahn (GER), 2:38:39 h; 38th place: Patricia Morceli ( SUI ), 2:39:37 h; Race abandoned: Ulrike Maisch (GER), Luminita Zaituc (GER)

100 m hurdles

space Athlete country Time (s)
1 Brigitte Foster-Hylton JamaicaJamaica JAM 12.51
2 Priscilla Lopes-Schliep CanadaCanada CAN 12.54
3 Delloreen Ennis-London JamaicaJamaica JAM 12.55
4th Derval O'Rourke IrelandIreland IRL 12.67 NO
5 Sally McLellan AustraliaAustralia OUT 12.70
6th Ginnie Powell United StatesUnited States United States 12.78
7th Dawn Harper United StatesUnited States United States 12.81
8th Perdita Felicien CanadaCanada CAN 15.53

Final: August 19, 9:15 p.m.

Wind speed: +0.2 m / s

WR : Jordanka Donkowa ( BUL ), 12.21 s, 1988

WJB : LoLo Jones ( USA ), 12.47 s

Further participants from German-speaking countries:

Eliminated in the semifinals: Carolin Nytra ( GER ), 12.94 s

Eliminated in advance: Lisa Urech ( SUI ), 13.36 s

400 m hurdles

space Athlete country Time (s)
1 Melaine Walker JamaicaJamaica JAM 52.42 CR
2 Lashinda Demus United StatesUnited States United States 52.96
3 Josanne Lucas Trinidad and TobagoTrinidad and Tobago TRI 53.20 NO
4th Kaliese Spencer JamaicaJamaica JAM 53.56
5 Tiffany Williams United StatesUnited States United States 53.83
6th Natalja Antjuch RussiaRussia RUS 54.11
7th Anastasija Rabchenyuk UkraineUkraine UKR 54.78
8th Angela Moroșanu RomaniaRomania ROU 55.04

Final: August 20, 8:15 p.m.

WR : Julija Petschonkina (RUS), 52.34 s, 2003

WJB : Lashinda Demus (USA), 52.63 s

Further participants from German-speaking countries:

Eliminated in the semifinals: Jonna Tilgner ( GER ), 57.11 s

3000 m obstacle

space Athlete country Time (min)
1 Yulia Sarudneva RussiaRussia RUS 9: 08.39
2 Milcah Chemos Cheywa KenyaKenya KEN 9: 08.57
3 Gulnara Galkina RussiaRussia RUS 9: 11.09
4th Jennifer Barringer United StatesUnited States United States 9: 12.50 AM
5 Habiba Ghribi TunisiaTunisia TO DO 9: 12.52 NO
6th Ruth Bisibori Nyangau KenyaKenya KEN 9: 13.16
7th Gladys Jerotich Kipkemoi KenyaKenya KEN 9: 14.62
- Antje Möldner GermanyGermany DEU 9; 18.54 DR

Final: August 17th, 8:30 p.m.

WR : Gulnara Galkina ( RUS ), 8: 58.81 min, 2008

WJB : Marta Domínguez ( ESP ), 9: 09.39 min

The race was characterized by a high pace from the start. The first kilometer was completed in 3: 01.26 minutes, the second in 3: 05.19 minutes. The 2008 Olympic champion and world record holder, Gulnara Galkina, was considered the favorite but only finished third in the end. On the last lap she surprisingly lost touch with the leaders. Instead, her compatriot Julija Sarudnewa attacked around 200 meters from the target. Only Marta Domínguez and Milcah Chemos Cheywa could follow her. Sarudnewa had nothing to counter the final sprint of the doped Domínguez after the last obstacle and could only defend her place in front of Cheywa with difficulty. Thanks to a clever race division, Antje Möldner, who came eighth after the disqualification of the doping offender Marta Domínguez, improved her own German record again after she had already succeeded in the qualifying round two days earlier.

In November 2015, the Spanish Marta Domínguez was stripped of the world championship title due to a doping offense following a ruling by the International Sports Court .

4 × 100 m relay

space country Athletes Time (s)
1 JamaicaJamaica Jamaica Simone Facey
Shelly-Ann Fraser
Aleen Bailey
Kerron Stewart
2 BahamasBahamas Bahamas Sheniqua Ferguson
Chandra Sturrup
Christine Amertil
Debbie Ferguson-McKenzie
3 GermanyGermany Germany Marion Wagner
Anne Möllinger
Cathleen Tschirch
Verena Sailer
4th RussiaRussia Russia Yevgenia Polyakova
Alexandra Fedoriwa
Yuliya Guschtschina
Julija Tschermoschanskaja
5 BrazilBrazil Brazil Rosemar Maria Neto
Lucimar Aparecida de Moura
Thaíssa Presti
Vanda Gomes
6th United KingdomUnited Kingdom Great Britain Laura Turner
Montell Douglas
Emily Freeman
Emma Ania
7th Trinidad and TobagoTrinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago Reyare Thomas
Kelly-Ann Baptiste
Ayanna Hutchinson
Semoy Hackett
8th ColombiaColombia Colombia Yomara Hinestroza
Felipa Palacios
Darlenys Obregón
Norma González

Final: August 22nd, 8:00 p.m.

WR : GDR , 41.37 s, 1985

WJB : USA , 41.58 p

The relay from Trinidad and Tobago set a national record with 43.22 seconds.

4 × 400 m relay

space country Athletes Time (min)
1 United StatesUnited States United States Debbie Dunn
Allyson Felix
Lashinda Demus
Sanya Richards
Jessica Beard
Natasha Hastings
3: 17.83 ( WJB )
2 JamaicaJamaica Jamaica Rosemarie Whyte
Novlene Williams-Mills
Shereefa Lloyd
Shericka Williams
Kaliese Spencer
3: 21.15
3 RussiaRussia Russia Anastassija Kapatschinskaja
Tatjana Firowa
Lyudmila Litwinowa
Antonina Kriwoschapka
Natalja Antjuch
Natalja Nasarowa
3: 21.64
4th United KingdomUnited Kingdom Great Britain Lee McConnell
Christine Ohuruogu
Vicki Barr
Nicola Sanders
Jennifer Meadows
3: 25.16
5 GermanyGermany Germany Fabienne Kohlmann
Sorina Nwachukwu
Esther Cremer
Claudia Hoffmann
3: 27.61
6th NigeriaNigeria Nigeria Endurance Abinuwa
Muizat Ajoke Odumosu
Josephine Ehigie
Folashade Abugan
3: 28.55
7th FranceFrance France Virginie Michanol
Aurélie Kamga
Symphora Béhi
Solen Désert-Mariller
3: 30.16
8th CubaCuba Cuba Diosmely Peña
Daisurami Bonne
Zulia Calatayud
Indira Terrero Forerunner
Susana Clement
3: 36.99

Final: August 23, 5:50 p.m.

WR : USSR , 3: 15.17 min, 1988
WJB : USA , 3: 23.08 min

20 km walking

space Athlete country Time (h)
1 Olive Loughnane IrelandIreland IRL 1:28:58
2 Liu Hong China People's RepublicPeople's Republic of China CHN 1:29:10
3 Anisja Kirdjapkina RussiaRussia RUS 1:30:09
4th Vera Santos PortugalPortugal POR 1:30:35
5 Beatrice Pascual SpainSpain ESP 1:30:40
6th Masumi Fuchise JapanJapan JPN 1:31:15
7th Kristina Saltanovič LithuaniaLithuania LTU 1:31:23
- Elisa Rigaudo ItalyItaly ITA 1:31:52

Date: August 16, 12:00 p.m.

WR : Olimpiada Iwanowa ( RUS ), 1:25:41 h, 2005

WJB : Olga Kaniskina (RUS), 1:24:56 h

The Russian Olga Kaniskina , who was initially crowned world champion , was disqualified for violating the doping regulations.

Further participants from German-speaking countries:

25th place: Marie Polli ( SUI ), 1:36:44 h

Retired: Sabine Krantz ( GER )

high jump

Ariane Friedrich and Meike Kröger after the high jump final
space Athlete country Height (m)
1 Blanka Vlašić CroatiaCroatia CRO 2.04
2 Ariane Friedrich GermanyGermany GER 2.02
3 Antonietta Di Martino ItalyItaly ITA 1.99
4th Ruth Beitia SpainSpain ESP 1.99
5 Svetlana Schkolina RussiaRussia RUS 1.96
6th Emma Green SwedenSweden SWE 1.96
Chaunté Howard Lowe United StatesUnited States United States 1.96
0- Anna Chicherova RussiaRussia RUS 2.02 DSQ

Final: August 20, 7:10 p.m.

WR : Stefka Kostadinowa ( BUL ), 2.09 m, 1987

WJB : Ariane Friedrich ( GER ), 2.06 m

Further participants from German-speaking countries:

11th place: Meike Kröger ( GER ), 1.87 m

Pole vault

Monika Pyrek and Anna Rogowska after the Polish double success in the pole vault
space Athlete country Height (m)
1 Anna Rogowska PolandPoland POLE 4.75
2 Monika Pyrek PolandPoland POLE 4.65
Chelsea Johnson United StatesUnited States United States 4.65
4th Silke Spiegelburg GermanyGermany GER 4.65
5 Fabiana Murer BrazilBrazil BRA 4.55
6th Kate Dennison United KingdomUnited Kingdom GBR 4.55
7th Anna Battke GermanyGermany GER 4.40
Tatiana Polnova RussiaRussia RUS 4.40

Final: August 17th, 6:45 pm

WR : Jelena Issinbajewa ( RUS ), 5.05 m, 2008

WJB : Jelena Issinbajewa (RUS), 4.85 m

The defending champion Jelena Isinbayeva went into the competition as a high favorite. While all other participants in the final started with a height of 4.25 m or 4.40 m, Isinbayeva chose a late entry into the competition with 4.75 m, as usual. Since it initially failed at this height, while Anna Rogowska crossed it in the first attempt, Issinbayeva had 4.80 m hang up. Issinbayeva was also unable to overcome this mark twice and was the only final participant without a valid attempt. The jumped 4.75 m was enough for Rogowska to win. Behind them Monika Pyrek and the previously unknown Chelsea Johnson, with 4.65 m height in the first attempt, both won the silver medal. Silke Spiegelburg also jumped 4.65 m. However, since she only succeeded in doing this on the second attempt, she was fourth. A bronze medal was not awarded.

Further participants from German-speaking countries:

10th place: Kristina Gadschiew ( GER ), 4.40 m

Eliminated in the qualification: Nicole Büchler ( SUI ), 4.50 m

Long jump

space Athlete country Width (m)
1 Brittney Reese United StatesUnited States United States 7.10
2 Tatiana Lebedeva RussiaRussia RUS 6.97
3 Karin Mey Melis TurkeyTurkey DOOR 6.80
4th Naide Gomes PortugalPortugal POR 6.77
5 Olga Kutscherenko RussiaRussia RUS 6.77
6th Shara Proctor AnguillaAnguilla AIA 6.71
7th Maurren Higa Maggi BrazilBrazil BRA 6.68
8th Ksenija Balta EstoniaEstonia EST 6.62

Final: August 23, 4:15 p.m.

WR : Galina Tschistjakowa ( URS ) 7.52 m, 1988

WJB : Brittney Reese ( USA ) 7.06 m

Further participants from German-speaking countries:

Eliminated in the qualification: Melanie Bauschke ( GER ), 6.32 m; Bianca Kappler (GER), 6.29 m; Beatrice Marscheck (GER), 6.19 m

Triple jump

space Athlete country Width (m)
1 Yargelis Savigne CubaCuba CUB 14.95
2 Mabel Gay CubaCuba CUB 14.61
3 Anna Pyatych RussiaRussia RUS 14.58
4th Biljana Topić SerbiaSerbia SRB 14.52 NO
5 Trecia Smith JamaicaJamaica JAM 14.48
6th Tatiana Lebedeva RussiaRussia RUS 14.37
7th Cristina Bujin RomaniaRomania ROU 14.26
8th Dana Velďáková SlovakiaSlovakia SVK 14.25

Final: August 17th, 8:00 p.m.

WR : Inessa Krawez ( UKR ) 15.50 m, 1995

WJB : Nadeschda Aljochina ( RUS ), 15.14 m

Further participants from German-speaking countries:

Eliminated in the qualification: Katja Demut ( GER ), 11.38 m

Shot put

space Athlete country Width (m)
1 Valerie Vili New ZealandNew Zealand NZL 20.44
2 Nadine Kleinert GermanyGermany GER 20.20
3 Gong Lijiao China People's RepublicPeople's Republic of China CHN 19.89
4th Natallja Michnewitsch Belarus 1995Belarus BLR 19.66
5 Anna Avdeeva RussiaRussia RUS 19.66
6th Michelle Carter United StatesUnited States United States 18.96
7th Li Meiju China People's RepublicPeople's Republic of China CHN 18.76
8th Misleydis González CubaCuba CUB 18.74

Final: August 16, 8:20 p.m.

WR : Natalja Lissowskaja ( URS ) 22.63 m, 1987

WJB : Valerie Vili ( NZL ), 20.69 m

The two later first place finishers made the victory between themselves: Nadine Kleinert took the lead in the first attempt with her personal best of 20.06 m (improved to 20.20 m in the third attempt). The defending champion Valerie Vili took the lead in the third round and was in the winning position with three of her five valid attempts. She is the first New Zealander to win two world titles. The 20-year-old Chinese Gong Lijiao, who won the finals at world championships and the Olympics in 2007 and 2008, won her first medal at a world highlight of the year. The Belarusian Natallja Michnewitsch, among the finalists the one with the highest personal best performance (20.70 m, 2008), remained far below her possibilities.

Further participants from German-speaking countries:

11th place: Denise Hinrichs ( GER ), 18.39 m; 12th place: Christina Schwanitz (GER), 17.84 m

Discus throw

space Athlete country Width (m)
1 Dani Samuels AustraliaAustralia OUT 65.44
2 Yarelis Barrios CubaCuba CUB 65.31
3 Nicoleta Grasu RomaniaRomania ROU 65.20
4th Żaneta Glanc PolandPoland POLE 62.66
5 Song Aimin China People's RepublicPeople's Republic of China CHN 62.42
6th Nadine Müller GermanyGermany GER 62.04
7th Natalia Sadova RussiaRussia RUS 61.78
8th Mélina Robert-Michon FranceFrance FRA 60.92

Final: August 21, 8:20 p.m.

WR : Gabriele Reinsch ( GDR ), 76.80 m, 1988

WJB : Stephanie Brown Trafton ( USA ), 66.21 m

Further participants from German-speaking countries:

Eliminated in the qualification: Franka Dietzsch ( GER ), 58.44 m

Hammer throw

space Athlete country Width (m)
1 Anita Włodarczyk PolandPoland POLE 77.96 WR
2 Betty Heidler GermanyGermany GER 77.12 DR
3 Martina Hrašnová SlovakiaSlovakia SVK 74.79
4th Kathrin Klaas GermanyGermany GER 74.23
5 Zhang Wenxiu China People's RepublicPeople's Republic of China CHN 72.57
6th Tatiana Lysenko RussiaRussia RUS 72.22
7th Jessica Cosby United StatesUnited States United States 72.17
8th Clarissa Claretti ItalyItaly ITA 71.56

Final: August 22nd, 7:30 p.m.

WR : Tatjana Lyssenko ( RUS ), 77.80 m, 2006

WJB : Anita Włodarczyk ( POL ), 77.20 m

Betty Heidler (second place) after her lap of honor

Defending champion Betty Heidler had set a new championship record in qualifying with 75.27 m and also took the lead in the final after the first attempt. In the second round, however, Anita Włodarczyk was able to counter with the new world record distance of 77.96 m. While cheering for this litter, she injured her ankle and stopped the next three attempts. With a personal best in the third attempt, Kathrin Klaas temporarily moved up to third place, from which she was able to oust Martina Hrašnová in the fifth round. In the last attempt, Heidler improved her own German record by 67 centimeters, but could not take the victory from Włodarczyk. The dethroned world record holder Tatjana Lyssenko did not get past sixth place after a two-year doping ban that had recently expired. The Olympic champion Aksana Mjankowa was eliminated in the qualification.

Further participants from German-speaking countries:

Eliminated in the qualification: Andrea Bunjes ( GER ), 67.01 m

Javelin throw

space Athlete country Width (m)
1 Steffi Nerius GermanyGermany GER 67.30
2 Barbora Špotáková Czech RepublicCzech Republic CZE 66.42
3 Maria Abakumova RussiaRussia RUS 66.06
4th Monica Stoian RomaniaRomania ROU 64.51
5 Christina Obergföll GermanyGermany GER 64.34
6th Linda Stahl GermanyGermany GER 63.23
7th Osleidys Menéndez CubaCuba CUB 63.11
8th Savva Lika GreeceGreece GRE 60.29

Final: August 18, 7:25 p.m.

WR : Barbora Špotáková ( CZE ), 72.28 m, 2008

WJB : Christina Obergföll ( GER ), 68.59 m

Further participants from German-speaking countries:

Eliminated in the qualification: Elisabeth Pauer ( AUT ), 50.88 m


space Athlete country Points
1 Jessica Ennis United KingdomUnited Kingdom GBR 6731 ( WJB )
2 Jennifer Oeser GermanyGermany GER 6493
3 Kamila Chudzik PolandPoland POLE 6471
4th Natalia Dobrynska UkraineUkraine UKR 6444
5 Lyudmyla Yossypenko UkraineUkraine UKR 6416
6th Hanna Melnytschenko UkraineUkraine UKR 6414
7th Antoinette Nana Djimou Ida FranceFrance FRA 6323
8th Tatiana Chernova RussiaRussia RUS 6288

Date: 15./16. August

WR : Jackie Joyner-Kersee ( USA ), 7291 points, 1988

WJB : Jessica Ennis ( GBR ), 6587 points

The world's best of the year, Jessica Ennis, immediately took the clear lead after winning the 100-meter hurdles and high jump . With the best result in the shot put , the 2008 Olympic champion, Natalja Dobrynska, was able to shorten her deficit in the meantime. Jessica Ennis finished the first day of competition with the fastest time in the 200-meter run . The victory in the long jump went to Kamila Chudzik. Linda Züblin won the javelin throw and even set a new national record for Switzerland, but played no role in the overall standings. Before the final 800-meter run , Jessica Ennis was comfortably in the lead, but behind that Kamila Chudzik, Jennifer Oeser and Natalja Dobrynska were fighting for silver and bronze. Despite a fall one lap before the finish line, Oeser managed to push Chudzik out of second place in the overall standings, while Dobrynska stayed in fourth place. The best time over 800 meters was achieved by Tatiana Tschernowa, but overall eighth fell short of expectations. Jessica Ennis had no trouble defending her overall lead until the end. Ennis and Oeser set new personal bests in the heptathlon.

Further participants from German-speaking countries:

9th place: Julia Mächtig ( GER ), 6265 points; 16th place: Linda Züblin ( SUI ), 5934 points.

Abandoned injured after the third discipline: Lilli Schwarzkopf (GER)

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Commons : World Athletics Championships 2009  - Collection of images, videos and audio files


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