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Video-on-demand provider from Mainz , Germany ( news , documentaries , magazines , entertainment and live sports ) GermanyGermany 
operator Second German Television
On-line 2001

ZDFmediathek (also ZDF Mediathek ) is the video-on-demand offer of the Second German Television . It started in 2001 as part of the IFA in Berlin and was revised on September 1, 2007 - again for the occasion. Another relaunch took place on October 28, 2016.


Video on demand

Most of the programs that have already been shown in the past months can be accessed in full via the site. Additional information and links are also offered. In addition to live broadcasts , the media library also offers archived ZDF broadcasts on request via video stream . Occasionally, programs are initially made available exclusively online (“ web-first principle ”).

Most shipments are archived for thirteen months, which varies depending on the legal situation . Some programs can be offered longer, while others are removed earlier. A list of the programs over the past seven days is provided under the heading “Missed a program?”. Older programs can be researched using the search field. In addition, podcasts are offered as audio or video files for local use or in mobile devices for free download.

Most programs can be accessed in full or in excerpts (partial reports) shortly after being broadcast via conventional broadcasting channels. Examples for this are:

Some programs can already be called up on the platform before the television broadcast date. Examples of this are the programs Neo Magazin Royale , which is made available about two hours before the TV broadcast, and Tomorrow I Stop , the episodes of which are always made available on the day of the first broadcast.

Fiction films and series are only partially put online. Often there are only series of pictures, small excerpts or trailers. Alternatively, a waiting screen is displayed. In this case, the message is: “For legal reasons, the current TV pictures cannot be shown on the Internet.” The video quality cannot be compared with the usual TV picture; depending on the quality level and internet connection the user has, artefacts must be expected.

Live streams

Since February 2013, ZDF has been offering its complete program in a live stream within Germany. All three ZDF channels (ZDF, ZDFneo and ZDFinfo ) as well as the community channels 3sat , Phoenix , KiKA and Arte can be viewed in the media library .

In the case of major sporting events such as the Olympics , where several events are held at the same time, the media library offers not only the main program but also live streams with the parallel sports broadcasts. In addition, some programs, the recording of which is shown on television in the late evening, can be followed live. Examples are award ceremonies.


The programs can be accessed as a stream in the web browser in various quality levels. This required the installation of the Adobe Flash plug-in. For the worst quality level the user needs at least a modem or ISDN connection, for higher quality levels ideally a broadband connection.

Due to the transmission technology used (via the Internet), everything is generally available worldwide. However - depending on the legal regulations - some programs are limited to German-speaking or European countries with the help of the IP address .

Since the relaunch in November 2009, the ZDFmediathek can also be used completely without Flash. Alternatively, there are various scripts and programs or browser extensions available for platforms on which Adobe Flash Player is not available, which enable viewing and saving of the video streams while bypassing Flash technology.

Since December 2010, an additional interface for mobile devices without Flash support, such as the iPhone , has been offered under a specially set up URL . On the occasion of the Internationale Funkausstellung 2011 , the ZDF presented an app with which the mobile media library can be used as a native application under iOS and Android , which is now also available for Windows Phone .

The ZDFmediathek has been integrated into Xbox Live , the Xbox 360's online service, since January 2012 , and an app for Windows 8 has been available since August 2013.

The most extensive relaunch took place on the night of October 28, 2016. On that day, ZDF.de and ZDFmediathek merged into one portal. Since then, the media center has been running optimized on all relevant devices and third-party platforms, can be personalized and is more accessible.


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