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The médiathèque of Roanne , France

A media library is a place or an Internet portal in which media of various types are used or borrowed. The term is a short form of "media counter", came up in the 1970s and at that time included educational and information materials from schools and employment offices that went beyond mere text and information brochures. The media library of a career information center could also have slides , tapes and films at its disposal. At that time the media library was often called the media library . The term is similar in many languages ​​(Spanish: Mediateca, French: Médiathèque); in English, however, the media library has not established itself and is called "multimedia library", ie multimedia library . In Chinese, the media center is called like the library: 图书馆.

Media libraries in Germany made it widely known that the libraries began in the mid-1970s to offer books as well as other media such as video cassettes and long-playing records , board games , and later CDs and computer games . Commercial providers of electronic media were also mentioned less frequently, such as video libraries, when they offered hardware and software for games in addition to films.

Since around 2007, when public television presented the ARD media library , the term has shifted and since then has primarily been used to refer to information on the Internet that is prepared using multimedia. What all offers have in common is that they provide both a surface for playing media and for searching through the inventory. The portals of publishers are usually not called media libraries, even if they contain moving images and interactive elements in addition to texts and photos.

In network media libraries to archives, libraries, museums and other institutions have joined the audiovisual collect media and make it accessible. Many media libraries have specialized in special topics, such as the Magglingen sports media library of the Federal Office for Sports FOSPO in Switzerland, the Merano language media library in South Tyrol or the Austrian media library , the Austrian archive for audio recordings and videos from cultural and contemporary history.

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