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Video-on-demand provider from Mainz (including news, politics & current affairs, economy & stock exchange, sport, culture & society, films & series, knowledge & education)
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The ARD Mediathek is the joint video-on-demand offer of the state broadcasters and community facilities of the ARD . Like Das Erste: Mediathek, the offer was first presented in 2007 at the international radio exhibition in Berlin and launched in May 2008. She is being looked after by the online editorial team in Mainz .


Numerous programs and contributions are offered as video-on-demand via the ARD media library . These are primarily in-house or commissioned productions that were broadcast in Das Erste , the ARD digital programs or the third TV programs of the ARD. The first, the third, ONE and ARD-alpha are represented with their own channels.

Examples from the first are:

Well-known programs of the third television programs in the ARD media library are, for example, 3 to 9 from Radio Bremen, the Abendschau (Bayerischer Rundfunk) , NightWash (Westdeutscher Rundfunk), Schätze der Welt (Südwestrundfunk) or Zapp (Norddeutscher Rundfunk).

The logo of the ARD Mediathek from 2018 to 2019
The logo of the ARD Mediathek from 2008 to 2018

All content can be accessed for different lengths of time after the broadcast , depending on the media law situation. In addition, all ARD television programs can be viewed as live streams in the ARD media library .


The videos in the ARD media library can be accessed in various ways: Directly on the entry page are current recommendations from the editors and special dossiers on thematic priorities. There are also special overview pages for the television offers. The latest live TV streams can also be accessed there.

In addition, the offer can be arranged according to media-specific categories such as "film tips". In addition, individual offers can be searched for under the heading "program missed" according to the date of transmission or via an alphabetical list.

Alternative access options

The contents of the ARD media library can also be accessed via third-party programs and portals. Current portals:

  • vavideo: The ARD media library can be searched completely. Films can be noted and saved.
  • Videos can be found and displayed sorted. Films are linked to the media library.
  • Various programs are displayed.
  • ARD broadcasts sorted by date.

Different programs:

  • EasyDownLight: Downloader for videos from the media libraries (for Windows, Linux and Android).
  • StreamTransport Tool for Windows, which can find streams on websites and save them.
  • MediathekView : The Java-based app can search through media libraries and save films. External programs are sometimes necessary.
  • Download media library: The Chrome extension can be used to download media library content.

Web links

Individual evidence

  1. Chrome extension for downloading the content