Know before eight

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Television broadcast
Original title Know before eight
Knowledge before eight. Png
Country of production Germany
original language German
Year (s) since 2008
length about 2 minutes
Episodes 850+
Mondays to Thursdays
genre Information broadcast
Theme music Ludwig Eckmann
idea Ranga Yogeshwar
First broadcast March 11, 2008 on Das Erste

Knowledge before eight is an information broadcast in the first . The initiator and moderator is the science journalist Ranga Yogeshwar ; Vince Ebert , Anja Reschke , Susanne Holst and Thomas D cover further subject areas .


In “Know Before Eight” Yogeshwar tries to explain a special topic in the shortest possible time. One episode lasts 145 seconds and should therefore fit into the program structure before the daily news, in which the following programs are also of a similar length. The first episode of “Knowledge Before Eight” aired on Tuesday, March 11, 2008. So far (as of April 3, 2012) a total of 662 episodes of these "snippets of information" have been broadcast since broadcasting began.

The broadcast is recorded in the old steam engine hall of the start-up and technology center in Solingen and enhanced with elaborately produced multimedia effects, all kinds of props and film recordings.

The audience ratings for the first few programs were rather disappointing. It may not be the program itself that is responsible for this, but the advertising environment. Since the show itself is hardly longer than a commercial, it is barely noticed or simply missed within this environment. With 15 minutes to the news, she is too far away from her in time to benefit from her much higher rate. “Knowledge before eight” can be subscribed to as a podcast on the Internet, which, in contrast to television broadcasts, is very popular.

On the occasion of the series, the book “Any other questions? Why women have cold feet and other puzzles of everyday life ”as well as a CD of the same name by Ranga Yogeshwar, which deal with the questions from the broadcasts as well as new questions. On the following volume “Oh! Why the apple falls from the tree and other riddles of everyday life ”(again by Yogeshwar) a CD of the same name was also released.

From October 17, 2011, “Knowledge before eight” appeared in a new form. The previous episodes with Yogeshwar were supplemented by the section “Workshop” with Vince Ebert and “Future” with Anja Reschke, supported by Adrian Pflug . “Knowledge before eight - workshop” in the industrial railway museum Cologne-Longerich and “knowledge before eight - future” in the Cinegate Studio Cologne.

From January 20, 2012 to June 8, 2012, the broadcasting slot was postponed to Fridays, as Gottschalk Live occupied the broadcasting slot on Mondays-Thursdays . Since June 11, 2012, after Gottschalk Live was discontinued, the program has been broadcast on the old slot again.

On July 4, 2013, the first shipment from the new themed nature has been called "knowledge eight - Nature" with Thomas D broadcast.

On May 6, 2014, the first program from the new subject area Human as “Knowledge before eight - Human” with Susanne Holst followed .

Single topics

The following are some examples of topics that have already been dealt with in "Knowledge before eight":

  • Time zones
  • Whispered asphalt
  • Kickback
  • Why do women have cold feet?
  • Crash at 100 km / h
  • Love fifteen
  • Like moths the light
  • Melons and airbag
  • The living pillow
  • Beginning of spring
  • The perfect ass bomb
  • Avalanches and cereal
  • Center of Germany
  • Bird flight in V shape
  • The croissant
  • The crescent moon
  • Diesel and regular gasoline
  • Sticky notes
  • Buy and sell
  • The square handkerchief
  • Why do the stars twinkle?
  • Put your head in the sand
  • The zero
  • A blank slate
  • Blood types
  • Spam


  • Any other questions ?: Why women have cold feet and other puzzles , book, ISBN 978-3462041088
  • Any other questions ?: Why women have cold feet and elephants have big ears , CD, ISBN 978-3941168169

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