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SWR television
Station logo
TV station ( public service )
Program type Full program
reception Digital: DVB-T2 , DVB-C , DVB-S , DVB-S2 , IPTV
Image resolution 576i ( SDTV )
720p ( HDTV ) (SWR television HD)
Start of transmission April 5th 1969
Seat Stuttgart , GermanyGermanyGermany 
Broadcaster Südwestrundfunk
Intendant Kai Gniffke
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SWR television is the joint regional television program of Südwestrundfunk for the states of Baden-Württemberg and Rhineland-Palatinate . According to the State Treaty on Südwestrundfunk, at least 30 percent of the current program is switched from one country to another.

State programs

The state programs of SWR television are broadcast from Stuttgart (for Baden-Württemberg ) and Mainz (for Rhineland-Palatinate ) and make up 30 percent of the total. The remaining 70 percent are designed centrally, played out in the Baden-Baden Play Out Center and can be seen in both federal states.


The first "Logo" from Südwest 3

The program has existed since April 5, 1969, at that time under the name Südwest 3 in cooperation with SDR , SWF and SR . It was the last third television program to be introduced in the Federal Republic of Germany and initially only broadcast on weekends. Educational programs ( school television , tele-college ) initially dominated the morning and afternoon programs in particular .

On August 30, 1998, the program was renamed Südwest BW or Südwest RP , and in 2000 it was renamed Südwest Fernsehen . On September 11, 2006, the program was renamed SWR TV . The picture format was also changed on this day, it is now usually sent in 16: 9 . Program information and regional news are also generally broadcast in 16: 9. Since then, the two independent programs have been SWR Fernsehen BW and SWR Fernsehen RP .

On April 30, 2012, an HD simulcast in the high-resolution 720p format started .

Since October 25, 2016, SWR BW HD has been fed into the entire cable network of Unitymedia . In addition to Baden-Württemberg, the SWR can now also be seen in HD in Hesse and North Rhine-Westphalia .

Own productions on SWR television

News and politics


Entertainment and film

Advice and knowledge


  • Leaderboard
  • The best
  • Food story (s)
  • fascination with music
  • jazz masters
  • Cultural documentaries
  • Landesart - culture in Rhineland-Palatinate
  • Country show KulTour
  • Literature in the foyer, later replaced by "Quartet worth reading"
  • People among us
  • Emmerich Smola sponsorship award
  • Night culture
  • meeting point

Documentaries and reports

  • 40+ - now or never
  • concerns: ...
  • documentary
  • Documentary series
  • Railroad romance
  • Go there
  • history
  • In this country
  • Out in the open
  • young documentary
  • Children! Love! Hope!
  • Cultural documentaries
  • Countries, people, adventures
  • State show on the way
  • Live live
  • made in Rhineland-Palatinate
  • Man people
  • People people Baden-Württemberg
  • People among us
  • Spotlight
  • Tour de Ländle
  • Quarter to seven
  • World travel
  • We in Rhineland-Palatinate

Travel and leisure

Children and youth


Southwest Logos

Logos of the two regional variants

Since October 27, 2014 there is no longer any distinction in the sender ID. The difference (BW or RP) can only be determined from the sender name that the receiving device displays. A week later, on November 6, 2014, a new logo and on-air design was introduced for SWR television.

In mid-June 2015, the SWR downsized the HD logo, the note HD is now downsized and raised as seen from the arrowhead.

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